Bell UH-1B Iroquois
panama Servicio Nacional Aeronaval

national air naval service

1970 to 1997

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

410     102: SAN
US Army Aviation 62-1890: US Army 62-01890

- N333WN: canc Jun12
213     103: FAP, to TI-SPO
US Army Aviation 60-03567: US Army HU-1B, redesig UH-1B

- TI-SPO: Costa Rica, to N39137

- N39137: USA, to N846MC

- N846MC: w/o 12oct96 aerial application flight at Bennettsville+
426     111: FAP d/d 1976; ex 62-1906; to TI-SPP
US Army Aviation 62-1906: US Army; 25nov75 to XA0096/AMARC; to Panama

- TI-SPP: Ministerio de Seguridad Publica Costa Rica 1978; to N42+

- N4242T: Conby Services Inc; dam 14abr86; Southwest Florida Avi+

Servicios Especiales SA LV-WED: Servicios Especiales SA d/d jun93; Mendoza, Argentina; +

Paraguay Air Force PR-H-005: FAP 1996; ex BuNo 62-01906; pictured preserved as gate +
1174     113: FAP
US Army Aviation 64-14050: US Army

- N3879M: canc Feb91; To Venezuela as ?
1197     114: FAP
US Army Aviation 64-14073: US Army

- N3880A: to N204GP

- N204GP: Lojko Jan DBA at Dryden, MI Feb07-Dec13
1224     115: FAP
US Army Aviation 64-14100: US Army

4100 was the last UH-1B delivered to the U S Army, 4101+

Coastal Helicopters N50722: Coastal Helicopters Feb97-Dec13
844     117: FAP
US Army Aviation 63-8622: US Army 63-08622

- N5073X: Kratz Aerial AG Service Inc at Lamoure, ND from Oct08