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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    47567 222ut 1987     N220LN: Mercy Air Ambulance, noted Nov11
- JA9689: Japan, to VH-UHJ

- VH-UHJ: Australia, to N6392U

- N6392U: to N22RL

- N22RL: to N220LN

- N220LN: Vesey Air Llc at Danbury, CT from Dec05

Vesey Air from Jan14

Feb/Aug 2014, sold Bell 222 1987 IFR, EMS Configured, L+

- ZS-HDI: NetCare 911 EMS; Apr15 Rand Airport, Germiston, South +

Henley Air ZS-HDI: Henley Air; ambulance
    47544 222ut 1985     N222LN: Mercy Air /7; Jul14 based in Action Ranch, south Las Vegas, +
- N222UT: Bell Helicopter 1985, to N3196A

- N3196A: USA, to Malaysia

- 9M-HSM: Malaysia, JA9934, [ntu], to N3196A

- N61509: USA, to C-GUXH

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GUXH: Vancouver Island Helicopters Mar03-Jan04

- N222LN: Fifth Third Leasing at Cincinnati, OH 2004-2011; Fifth +

Air Methods N222LN: Air Methods Apr13-Jul15

- N222LN: Pacific Helicopter Tours Inc at Kahului, Maui, Hawaii b+

- ZT-RES: HALO HEMS at Johannesburg, South Africa from Nov15
    47537 222ut 1985     N226LL: Air Methods, Mercy Air, noted 2011
Bell Helicopter N3198L: Bell Helicopter

- N274SM: to N781SA

- N781SA: N773AM ntu; to N226LL

Air Methods N226LL: Air Methods May93-Sep14

Life Flight N226LL: Life Link III, op by Air Methods; noted 2005-2009

- ZK-HIG: Search And Rescue Services Ltd at Taupo, New Zealand f+
    47540 222ut 1985     N402MA: Mercy Air, canc Feb09
Bell Helicopter N3192H: Bell Helicopter

- JA6625: Japan, to C-FVVB

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-FVVB: VIH Jun95-May98

- ?: Canada as unk

Henley Air -: Henley Air, ntu; conv to Bell 222 simulator
    47516 222ut     N403MA: xfer Mercy Airlift as N403MA, unk
Bell Helicopter N3180K: Bell 222UT, cn47516, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N318+

- N7643S: xfer US as N7643S, unk
    47134 222B     N406MA: xfer Mercy Air as N406MA, unk
Bell Helicopter N7139K: Bell 222B cn 47134, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3179+

- N911UC: xfer US as N911UC, unk
    47135 222B     N408MA: xfer Mercy Air as N408MA, unk; wfu & b/u 21Oct10.
Bell Helicopter N3177D: Bell 222B cn 47135, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N3177+

- N67WT: xfer US as N67WT, unk
    47568 222ut     N415MA: Mercy Air Service Inc at Rialto, CA from Dec93; /Mercy Air 1+
- JA9698: Japan, to N270AM

Air Methods N270AM: Air Methods, reser N415MA
    47527 222ut     N417MA: xfer Mercy Air as N417MA, unk; w/o near Nipton, CA when heli+
Bell Helicopter N3188L: Bell 222UT, cn47527, ff:?; reg Bell Helicopters as N318+

- CS-HDI: xfer Heli Servi├žo as CS-HDI, unk

- N72442: xfer UK as G-BXED, [ntu], xfer US as N72442, unk
    47518 222ut     N419MA: xfer Mercy Air as N419MA, unk
- N773AM: Bell 222UT, cn47518, ff:?; del US as N773AM, unk

- N208CM: xfer Charlotte Memorial Hospital [oper by MedCenter 1] +

- N123YZ: xfer US as N123YZ, unk
    47558 222ut 1987     N427MA: Mercy Air 1994-2015
- JA9655: Japan; to New Zealand as Unk

- N7643S: USA, to N206CM

- N602CM: USA, to N123XY

- N123XY: USA, to N427MA

Air Methods N427MA: Air Methods Feb94-Jul15

- ZT-RRM: HALO HEMS at Johannesburg, South Africa from Jul15
    47523 222ut 1984     N429MA: Mercy Air Oct98-May15
Bell Helicopter N18099: Bell Helicopters

- N222UB: USA, to VH-FJN

- VH-FJN: Australia, to B11122

- B11122: Taiwan, to N4247S

- N4247S: USA, to C-GVUT

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GVUT: VIH May91-Feb94

- N429MA: Hall Air ~2006

Henley Air ZS-HDK: Henley Air from May15; Ambulance
    47504 222ut     N431MA: xfer Mercy Air as N431MA, unk
- C-GFSI: Bell 222UT, cn47504, ff:?; del Canada as C-GFSI, unk

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