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    mexico Fuerza Aerea Mexicana

    Mexican Air Force

    1992 to present

    Fuerza Aerea Mexicana MD369F / MD500F

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1992/    EA.112

    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    0082FF     1131: FAM as BRE-1131
    0083FF     1132: FAM as BRE-1132
    0086FF     1133: FAM as BRE-1133
    0087FF     1134: FAM as BRE-1134, test serial N52166; w/o 10oct16 at Tamualip+
    0088FF     1135: FAM as BRE-1135
    0089FF     1136: FAM as BRE-1136
    0092FF     1137: FAM as BRE-1137
    0093FF     1138: FAM as BRE-1138
    0094FF     1139: FAM as BRE-1139
    0095FF     1140: FAM as BRE-1140
    0701FF MD530F     1142: FAM MD530MG as BRE-1142 by 2007
    MD Helicopters -: conv from MD530E c/n 0422E
    0702FF MD530F     1143: FAM MD530MG as BRE-1143 by 2007
    MD Helicopters -: conv from MD530E c/n 0369E
    0106FF     1144: FAM as BRE-1144, MD530MG; crash 17feb09
    - N530FT: Infinity Transport Consultancy Inc at Henderson, NV Jun+

    - ZK-HAS: New Zealand
    0107FF     1145: FAM as BRE-1145, MD530MG
    0108FF     1146: FAM as BRE-1146, MD530MG; w/o unk
    0109FF     1147: FAM as BRE-1147, MD530MG
    0110FF     1148: FAM as BRE-1148, MD530MG
    0111FF     1149: FAM as BRE-1149, MD530MG
    0112FF     1150: FAM as BRE-1150, MD530MG; w/o unk; scr by Feb09
    - N530BB: Flight Trails Helicopters Inc at Mesa, AZ Nov19-Apr21

    State of Alabama N530X: Oxford Police Dept at Oxford, AL from Apr21, pictured

    on display at APSCOM 2021, New Orleans
    0113FF     1151: FAM as BRE-1151, test serial N52285
    - N392MZ: private at Clovis, NM Nov94

    - N20AT: Aero Tech Llc at Clovis, NM from May10
    0114FF     1152: FAM as BRE-1152, MD530MG; w/o 15oct04
    0121FF     1153: FAM as BRE-1153, MD530MG; w/o 28may11
    0122FF     1154: FAM as BRE-1154, MD530MG; w/o 15oct04
    0123FF     1155: FAM as BRE-1155, MD530MG

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