Eurocopter EC135
germany Bundesministerium des Innern

Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI)

Del'd: 16 - 2007 to present


Bundesministerium des Innern EC135

Luftrettung (Air Rescue) aircraft. For the Bundespolizei EC.135s see here

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Long-term support for the Bundespolizei EC135s, 23-May-14 : ILA Berlin Air Show 2014 - Keeping the German Federal Police’s large fleet of EC135 rotorcraft mission-ready will be the responsibility of Airbus Helicopters based on a long-term maintenance, repair, and overhaul contract (MRO) signed with the NATO Support Agency NSPA at the ILA Berlin Air Show.


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2008/    Christoph 7 (BMI) Klinikum Kassel
2008/    Christoph 9 (BMI) Unfallklinik Duisburg
2008/    Christoph 12 (BMI) Klinikum Eutin
2007/    Christoph 3 (BMI) Cologne Bonn
2007/    Christoph 17 (BMI) Klinikum Kempten - Oberallgäu
2007/    Christoph 4 (BMI) Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
2007/    Christoph 13 (BMI) Klinikum Bielefeld
2007/    Christoph 14 (BMI) Klinikum Traunstein
2007/    Christoph 34 (BMI) Krankenhaus Güstrow
2007/    Christoph 35 (BMI) Klinikum Brandenburg

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    0508 ec135t2+ 2006     D-HZSA: BMI d/d 31jan07
Eurocopter Germany D-HECC: Eurocopter toward D-HZSA
    0542 ec135t2+ 2006     D-HZSB: BMI d/d 25apr07
Eurocopter Germany D-HECR: Eurocopter to D-HZSB
    0549 ec135t2+ 2007     D-HZSC: BMI d/d 21jun07
Eurocopter Germany D-HECH: Eurocopter to D-HZSC
    0553 ec135t2+ 2007     D-HZSD: BMI d/d 24may07
Eurocopter Germany D-HECW: Eurocopter to D-HZSD
    0558 ec135t2+ 2007     D-HZSE: BMI d/d 20aug07
Eurocopter Germany D-HECJ: Eurocopter to D-HZSE
    0560 ec135t2+ 2007     D-HZSF: BMI d/d 20aug07
    0592 ec135t2+ 2007     D-HZSG: BMI d/d 12oct07
Eurocopter Germany D-HTSF: Eurocopter to D-HZSG
    0506 ec135t2+ 2006     D-HZSH: BMI d/d 31jan07
Eurocopter Germany D-HECG: Eurocopter to D-HZSH
    0594 ec135t2+ 2007     D-HZSI: BMI d/d 21nov07
Eurocopter Germany D-HECJ: Eurocopter to D-HZSI
    0603 ec135t2+ 2007     D-HZSJ: BMI d/d 15nov07
Eurocopter Germany D-HECN: Eurocopter toward D-HZSJ
    0617 ec135t2+ 2007     D-HZSK: BMI d/d 21nov07
Eurocopter Germany D-HECD: Eurocopter to D-HZSK
    0619 ec135t2+ 2007     D-HZSL: BMI d/d 04dec07
Eurocopter Germany D-HECT: Eurocopter toward D-HZSL
    0621 ec135t2+ 2007     D-HZSM: BMI d/d 21dec07
Eurocopter Germany D-HECU: Eurocopter to D-HZSM
    0629 ec135t2+ 2008     D-HZSN: BMI d/d 15jan08
    0644 ec135t2+ 2008     D-HZSO: BMI d/d 27feb08
Eurocopter Germany D-HECR: Eurocopter toward D-HZSO
    0648 ec135t2+ 2008     D-HZSP: BMI d/d 06mar08
Eurocopter Germany D-HECN: Eurocopter to D-HZSP

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