McDonnell Douglas md500
colombia Fuerza Aerea Colombiana

Colombian Air Force

1985 to present

Fuerza Aerea Colombiana md500

As of 2018 only FAC4252 was still in service along the remaining of the Hughes 369

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
escuadron de ataque 413 Melgar

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

0171E md500e 1985     FAC4242: FAC; w/o 12apr92
0172E md500e     FAC4247: FAC; preserved at Melgar
0173E md500e     FAC4249: FAC; w/o 26jun89
0174E md500e     FAC4251: FAC; preserved at the Museo Aeroespacial Colombiano, Parque +
0153E md500e     FAC4252: FAC; 2018 still
0154E md500e     FAC4253: FAC; w/o 04feb95
0175E md500e 1986     FAC4254: FAC; w/o unk
0176E md500e     FAC4257: FAC
0043FF 369f 1989     FAC4301: FAC BuNo 86-0382 MD530MG type; w/o 26nov09
0045FF 369f     FAC4302: FAC, BuNo 86-0383, MD-530MG type; w/o 27dec05
0048FF 369f     FAC4303: FAC, BuNo 86-0384, MD-530MG type; w/o 29jul95
0068FF 369f     FAC4304: FAC, BuNo 86-0384, MD-530MG type; w/o 20may94
0050FF 369f     FAC4305: FAC, BuNo 86-0386, MD-530MG type; to YV-518CP
- YV-518CP: Venezuela, to YV-699C

- YV-699C: to YV2124

- YV2124: to N530FF

- N530FF: Eastern Shore Helicopters Inc at Labelle, FL 2016-Aug17

Heli Logistics Inc at Lynden, WA from Aug17
0051FF 369f     FAC4306: FAC, BuNo 86-0387, MD-530MG type; to YV-807C
- YV-807C: Venezuela, to YV1900

- YV1900: Venezuela

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