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    US Department of Homeland Security UH-1N

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    CBP UH-1N Supporting FEMA After Hurricane Harvey, 31-Aug-17 : Custom Border Protection (CBP) Air and Marine Operations (AMO) UH-1N helicopters transported critical supplies to the FEMA relief center on the west side of Houston

    First Overhauled UH-1N Delivered to the CBP, 13-Feb-15 : First of 8 former Marines UH-1N helicopter was completely overhauled and delivered to the US Customs and Border Protection’s Office. Cost is $1.3 million per helicopter, replacement would cost $9.8


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2015/    CBP

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    C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    31630     N7252N: CBP reg Jul14
    US Marine Corps 158289: HMA-767 /MM-423 noted aboard USS Guadalcanal at HMNB Po+

    USMC; 1998 HMLA-773./MP-25
    31687     N7253N: CBP reg Jul14
    US Marine Corps 159681: USMC; Nov96 HMLA-369./SM-333

    USMC; 2009 HMM-163 YP-31
    31720     N7255N: CBP d/d Feb15, overhauled, pictured
    US Marine Corps 160170: USMC; 2000 HMLA-269 /HF-33

    13oct06 as HMLA-369 /SM-04 at Miramar Air Show 2006
    31730     N7256N: CBP reg Jul14
    US Marine Corps 160438: USMC; 2010 HMLA-167
    31735     N7271N: CBP reg Jul14
    US Marine Corps 160443: HML-167 /TV-3 Thundar aboard USS Guadalcanal during vis+

    USMC; 12dic07 pictured at MCAS Yuma, Arizona as HMLA-36+
    31744     N7272N: CBP reg Jul14
    US Marine Corps 160452: HML-167 /TV-14 aboard USS Guadalcanal during visit to D+

    USMC; 2000 HMLA-167 /TV-02
    31748     N7273N: CBP reg Jul14
    US Marine Corps 160456: HML-167 /TV-1 Sweet Karen aboard USS Guadalcanal during+

    USMC; 2000 HMLA-167 /TV-01
    31454     N7274N: CBP from Jul14, pictured (pic2)
    US Marine Corps 160836: USMC; 24jan10 pictured at Petit-Goave Haiti as HMH-461/+

    apr12 HMLA-467./CA-07

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