AgustaWestland AW109
united kingdom Castle Air Charters

2001 to present


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11131 aw109e 2001     G-CFVB: Castle Air Feb/May 2009
- B-7770: China 2002-2003

heli D-HARY: Heli Transair at Egelsbach -Feb05

- EI-TWO: Ireland 2005-2008

QinetiQ G-CFVB: QinetiQ May09-Mar11

Ministry of Defence (MoD) QQ100: Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS) 2011

ETPS pictured at RIAT 2015

Visited Bournemouth from A&AEE Boscombe Down on 29 Oct +
22222 aw109sp 2010     G-DGUN: Castle Air Ltd from Oct18
- VH-LSN: Australia, to VH-CZT

- VH-CZT: Parklea Air Services Pty Ltd Feb16-Oct18

pictured (pic1) on display at Avalon 2017

pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport
11617 aw109e 2004     G-DIDO: Castle Air from
- N109MJ: Whirligig Nominees Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE Nov04+

Newshore Holding Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE Apr06-+

- VT-SWB: Swajas Air Charters India Dec09-Mar15
11216 aw109e 2003     G-DPPF: Castle Air Ltd Mar16-May17
UK Police Forces G-DPPF: Dyfed-Powys Police Jun03-Feb16

West Yorkshire Police Feb/Mar 2016

- G-HPDM: Adonby International Ltd at Tortola, Virgin Istlands fr+
11217 aw109e 2003     G-DVIP: Castle Air at Liskeard from
- VH-VIS: Visy Industries Australia PL Jul03-Nov13; white livery
22182 aw109s 2010     G-EMHE: Castle Air Sep/Oct 2015
- VH-TNX: TGHA Aviation Pty Ltd, Australia Nov11-Feb14

- VH-LBJ: Walker Heli Services Feb14-Sep15

pictured at Wagga Wagga Airport

- G-EMHE: Looporder Ltd / East Midlands Helicopters from Oct15
22154 aw109s 2010     G-EMHN: Castle Air Ltd Feb/Apr 2017
Heliflite Australia VH-OCD: Heliflite Pty Ltd Mar10-2012

- PP-PRI: Razac International Trade Ltda cnpj 2013?-Feb17

- G-EMHN: NT Burton Aviation Apr/Jul 2017; Burton Aviation Ltd fr+
11159 aw109e     G-EVIP: ex G-CEJS
- G-CEJS: 2007; ex RP-C2838; to G-EVIP
22058 aw109s 2007     G-FUFU: 18sep15 at Burslem Cricket Club, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshi+
Air Harrods Ltd G-FUFU: Air Harrods Ltd -May15; Mar15 on sale

- G-DEUP: Still with Castle Motors, re-reg G-DEUP by Jan 2017; to+

- G-RYFF: re-reg G-RYFF Mar 2018, still with Bandersnatch Ltd, Io+

17nov19 in Beal, Northumberland
22009 aw109s 2005     G-GBMM: Castle Air Ltd Nov18-Jan19
- G-GRND: DFS Trading Ltd Jan06-Jun10

Galegrove 2 LBG Jun10-Mar14

- G-GBMM: Hadleigh Partners Aug15-Nov18

02Sep15 at Dengam

Apr17, sold Agusta Grand A109s 2005; located in Newmark+

Orchard Holdings Ltd from 30Jan19

pictured (pic3) at Castle Air, Liskeard. (Being prepa+
11158 aw109e 2002     G-GCMM: Castle Air Ltd Aug/Oct 2010
- D-HOME: Global Aviation at Frankfurt Sep02-2004

- N32GH: General Helicopters Intl Llc at Wilmington, DE, Dec04-J+

- EI-DJO: Tendrelle Ltd, Ireland 2005-2009

- G-GCMM: private Oct09-Sep15

Mar/Apr 2017, sold A109E 2002 ; located in Newmarket,+
22237 aw109sp 2011     G-GNMM: Castle Air
GDF UR-GDF: Group DF Sep11-Apr18

- : Jan/ Apr 2018, sold Grand New 109SP 2011; 350 flight h+

Apr/Sep 2018, sold Grand New 109SP 2011

- 2-GRND: Apr/Nov 2018

- G-GNMM: Hadleigh Partners Llp from Nov18
11125 aw109e     G-HSAR: Castle Air Dec10-Jan14; 14oct11 pictured at Trebrown, UK
- I-HSAR: Eli Friulia Oct01-Nov10, EMS

Air Methods N596AM: Air Methods Feb/May 2014

Air Methods N129AR: Air Methods from Jun14
22258 aw109sp 2012     G-IPGL: ex PK-ILS; regt as G-IPGL for onward sale, May 2018.
- I-PTFO: to I-PTFO in 2012; to Indonesia.

- PK-ILS: ex I-PTFO; Reg PK-ILS by May 2013; to UK

- G-IPGL: Sold by Castle Air Jul 2018, to IPGL Helicopters, Londo+
11208 aw109e 2003     G-IVIP: Castle Air Ltd from Sep13; pictured (pic1) at Yeovil
heli D-HPWR: Heli Transair from Apr03; May04 with Columbia Helicopte+

- EI-HHH: Ireland from Apr06

- G-VIRU: private Apr/Nov 2009

Mry Ltd Nov09-Sep13
22015 aw109s 2006     G-LITO: ex I-AWCC, reg Apr 2016 to Castle Air
Linfox VH-FOX: Linfox Jul06, to F-GSNH

Skycam Hélicoptères F-GSNH: Feb 2009, noted at Courchevel

Skycam Hélicoptères, noted Jan10; to I-AWCC

- I-AWCC: from jul11

used to pick-up the Pope Benedetto XVI fron Castel Gan+
22021 aw109s 2006     G-MCAN: Castle Air Nov09-Feb10
- N84RE: MJS Aviation at Wilmington, DE Oct/Nov 2006

- EI-JFC: Ireland, to G-MCAN

- G-MCAN: Cannon Air Llp from Feb10; Feb19 still
11168 aw109e 2003     G-TMWC: Castle Air Charters Mar/May 2006
Linfox VH-FOX: Linfox Oct03, to VH-BQR


- G-TMWC: May06-Jun07

- G-PLPL: BG Aviation Jun07-Jan09

Iceland Foods from Jan09; pictured at Fairoaks

Apr13-Apr14, sold Agusta A109 2003 - Gemelli Intercom, +
11156 aw109e 2002     G-TRNG: Castle Air from Jan11; pictured at Yeovil
- G-JMXA: J-Max Air Services May02-Jan11, blue livery
11692 aw109e 2007     G-VIPE: Castle Air Ltd Jun/Sep 2014
- EI-MSG: Beckdrive, Dublin

- G-VIPE: Hundred Percent Aviation Ltd Sep14-Feb15

- G-IOOK: Hundred Percent Aviation Ltd from Feb15
22133 aw109s 2009     G-YRTE: Castle Air Jun/Aug 2014
AgustaWestland USA N359SH: Agusta Aerospace Corp at Philadelphia, PA Jul/Aug 2009

- N359SH: Centinela Aviation at Wilmington, DE Aug09-May14

- G-YRTE: Galegrove 2 LBG from Aug14

at London heliport
22004 aw109s 2005     M-AZKL: Castle Air, Feb13 to Nigeria
- G-DACN: Errigal Oct05-Sep07, to Ireland

- EI-KEO: Clear Skies 2007; to Isle of Man

- M-YHOP: Lemsage 2009

- 5N-BSQ: to Nigeria as 5N-BSQ