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    chile Ejercito de Chile

    Chilean Army

    Del'd: 21 - 1989 to present

    Ejercito de Chile MD369F / MD500F

    Received in 4 batches between 1989 and 1998. Dubbed HU-53 and used by Batallon de Helicopteros Germania at Rancagua (SCRG). At least 9 sold

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    0120FF 1997     H131: Ejercito from 1997
    0124FF 1997     H132: Ejercito from 1997
    0125FF 1997     H133: Ejercito, ex N9208Z; w/o 26mar10, 2 injured
    0126FF 1997     H134: ex N92264
    0127FF 1997     H135: ex N92275
    0128FF 1997     H136: Ejercito, ex N92266
    0058FF 1994     H184: Ejercito, to CC-CVH
    - CC-CVH: Chile, to N58FF

    - N819BP: BP Aviation at Tampa, FL Dec06-Apr12

    - ZK-HIP: Helisika Agricultural Ltd, New Zealand from Jun12
    0063FF     H185: w/o 21sep00
    0064FF     H186: wfu to N64FF
    0066FF 1989     H187: Ejercito
    - C-GDMX: E.M. Heli-Logistics Ltd at Langley, BC Apr/Jul 1999

    Tundra Helicopters C-GDMX: Tundra Helicopters Ltd at Langley,BC Jul/Oct 1999

    - N530HL: USA 1999-?

    - N971BW: Aviation Worldwide Services Llc at Melbourne, FL ?-May1+

    EP Aviation N971BW: EP Aviation Llc at Wood Dale, IL May10-Apr11

    Roberts Aircraft Company N971BW: Roberts Aircraft Co at Cheyenne, WY from Apr11
    0067FF 1989     H188: Ejercito, sold
    - CC-CVO: Chile, to N67FF

    State of California N67FF: Summit Helicopter at Pacoima, CA from Sep05; 2017 Welk+
    0096FF     H189: ex N52247
    0097FF     H190: ex N52248. wfu to N97FF
    0101FF     H191: ex N52257
    0099FF 1994     H192: Ejercito, test serial N5225A
    - CC-CVR: Chile, to N199FF

    - N199FF: Berry Leasing Co Llc at Madera, CA Sep05-Dec09

    Smokey Mountain Helicopters Inc at Hanapepe, HI Dec09-D+

    Heavy Lift Helicopters N199FF: Heavy Lift Helicopters Inc at Fresno, CA from Dec10
    0100FF 1994     H193: Chilean Army, test serial N5225L
    - CC-CVU: Chile, to N900FF

    - N900FF: Xavier Enterprises Llc at Torrance, CA

    Northwest Helicopters N900FF: Northwest Helicopters Inc at Olympia WA from Mar07; reg+
    0098FF     H194: ex N5226F. w/o 20oct04
    0102FF     H195: ex N52262
    0103FF 1994     H196: Ejercito, test serial N52281
    - CC-CVV: Chile, to N303FF

    - N303FF: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest Trustee Sep05

    EP Aviation N975BW: EP Aviation Dec07-Mar11

    Roberts Aircraft Company N975BW: Roberts Aircraft Co at Cheyenne, WY Mar11-Feb13

    - N975BW: private at Fresno, CA from Feb13
    0104FF     H197: ex N5229N
    0105FF 1994     H198: Ejercito 1994-2001, ex N5229Y
    - C-GDMH: 517360 Bc Ltd at Langley, BC Jun01-Sep03

    - N972BW: Aviation Worldwide Services Llc at Melbourne, FL 2003-+

    EP Aviation N972BW: EP Aviation Llc at Wood Dale, IL May10-Sep11

    Roberts Aircraft Company N972BW: Roberts Aircraft Co at Cheyenne, WY from Sep11

    w/o Palm Gardens, NV during external load operation

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