Sikorsky S-70i Black Hawk
chile Fuerza Aerea de Chile

Chilean Air Force

2018 to present

On September 2016 was announced order for six S-70i. PZL Mielec delivered in 2 batches in August and October 2018 as H-03 to H-08. Known as MH-60M but not to confuse with US Army variant

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Chilean Black Hawk Pilots Trained in USA, 03-Jan-20 : #BlackHawk USAF 55th Rescue Squadron (RQS) hosted Chilean Air Force (FACh) pilots during an H-60 Subject Matter Expert Exchange. This was the second SMEE about the Black Hawk that took place in 2019. The 55 RQS flies the HH-60G Pave Hawk combat search and rescue (CSAR) variant

Chile Received First Three S-70i Black Hawk, 22-Jul-18 : #delivery Chilean Air Force received first 3 of 6 Sikorsky (PZL Mielec) S-70i Black Hawks helicopters

Chilean Air Force Orders 6 S-70i Black Hawk, 07-Dec-16 : Chilean Air Force (Fuerza Aérea de Chile) signed contract for six Polish-made S-70i Black Hawk helicopters to be delivered in 2018

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70-4005 FACh d/d 13jul18 at Mielec, Poland; 22jul18 arrived via AN-+
PZL Mielec SP-YVF: PZL Mielec msn 0035
70-4003 FACh d/d 13jul18
PZL Mielec SP-YVD: PZL Mielec msn 0034
70-4017 FACh d/d 12oct18
PZL Mielec SP-YVH: PZL Mielec msn 0040
70-4020 FACh d/d 12oct18
PZL Mielec SP-YVB: PZL Mielec msn 0041
70-4016 FACh d/d 12oct18
PZL Mielec SP-YVG: PZL Mielec msn 0039
70-3988     H-05: FACh d/d 22jul18
PZL Mielec SP-YVE: PZL Mielec msn 0029