Russian Helicopters Ka-32A11BC
spain INAER

2003 to present



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Russian helicopters Ka-32 in Europe Firefighting, 17-Jun-15 : Paris Air Show 2015 The multirole Ka-32A11BC produced by Russian Helicopters is actively involved in fire-fighting operations in Spain, Portugal, and other countries within Europe.

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    9625     EC-JAL: INAER, rebuilt from c/n 8812?
- RA-31605: to EC-JAL

Helisureste EC-JAL: Helisureste ~2004
    9708/23     EC-JGV: INAER
    9709/24     EC-JGX: INAER type:Ka-32A11BC c/n 9709/24; 9oct08 visit Antwerp
    9710     EC-JSP: 27oct10 at Antwerp, Belgium
    9712     EC-JSQ: INAER
    9713     EC-JUZ: INAER
INAER Chile EC-JUZ: INAER Chile; Jan12 fire fighting at Puerto Natales

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment EC-JUZ: MAGRAMA ( Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Me+
    9714     EC-JVA: INAER
    9715     EC-JXG: INAER
    9815     EC-KRI: INAER

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