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  • AgustaWestland AW119Ke Koala
    argentina Gendarmeria Nacional Argentina

    Argentine Gendarmerie

    2018 to present


    Gendarmeria Nacional Argentina AW119Ke Koala

    Second hand GN-935 / GN-937 received October 2018

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    14718 2008     ?: GNA from Nov18
    AgustaWestland USA N531AM: Agusta Aerospace Corp May08-Feb09, test serial N531AW

    - XA-ULK: Eolo Plus, Mexico

    Nov15-Jan16 for sale Agusta AW119 Kx 2008

    Apr16-Jan17 for sale Agusta AW119 Kx 2008; One owner si+

    - XA-UWY: Mexico 2017-2018

    Modena Air Service -: Modena Nov18, for GNA
    14734 2009     ?: GNA from Nov18
    - N216SM: Agusta Aerospace Corp, PA Jan09

    State of Utah N963TC: Bank of Utah Trustee (leasing) Sep09-Apr16

    Kinetica N963TC: Kinetica Deepwater Express Llc at Paterson, LA Apr16-Ja+

    AgustaWestland USA N963TC: AgustaWestland, PA Feb/Aug 2018

    Modena Air Service -: Modena Sep18 for GNA
    14731 2009     GN-936: GNA from Nov18; to be confirmed
    - N110YS: Calben US May/Jun 2009

    Four Seasons Aviation C-FGEP: Four Seasons Aviation Jul09-May11

    Chartright Air Inc C-FGEP: Chartright Air Inc May11-Oct13

    Chartright Air Inc C-FNMU: Chartright Air Inc Oct13-Sep18

    - C-FNMU: Nov15-May17 for sale Agusta AW109Ke 2009; Garmin GTX-33+

    May/Nov 2018 for sale Agusta AW119 Koala 2009; Long Ra+

    Modena Air Service -: Modena Nov18, for GNA

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