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    malaysia MHS Aviation

    Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad

    MHS Aviation Super Puma/Cougar

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    MHS Aviation Honored by Airbus Helicopters, 19-Mar-15 : LIMA 2015 Malaysia MHS Aviation Berhad received an Award of Appreciation that acknowledged its world-class achievements in operations for the oil and gas sector using Airbus Helicopters-built rotorcraft.


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    MHS Aviation Berhad Subang
    Kota Bharu

    List of Aircraft

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    2632 as332l2     9M-SPA: MHS Aviation; w/o 05nov05 ditched in the South China Sea dur+
    2636 as332l2     9M-SPB: MHS Aviation; test serial F-WWOO
    2639 as332l2     9M-SPC: MHS Aviation
    2655 as332l2     9M-SPD: MHS Aviation
    2782 ec225lp     9M-SPE: MHS Aviation, test serial F-WWOP
    2803 ec225lp     9M-SPF: MHS Aviation, test serial F-WJXL
    2852 ec225lp     9M-SPG: MSH, test serial F-WTAO, 9M-SPG
    2870 ec225lp     9M-SPH: MHS, test serial F-WWON
    2868 ec225lp     9M-SPI: MHS, test serial F-WWOT, F-WTAO
    2790 ec225lp 2011     9M-STH: MHS Aug11-Jul13
    Caledonian Helicopters G-CGUB: Caledonian Helicopters Jun/Aug 2011

    Bristow G-CGUB: Bristow Jul13-Jul15

    Bristow Australia VH-ZFQ: Bristow Australia Jul15-May19

    State of Utah N2790F: Bank of Utah Trustee from May19
    2792 ec225lp 2011     9M-STI: MHS Aug11-Nov13
    Caledonian Helicopters G-CGUC: Caledonian Helicopters Jun/Aug 2011

    Bristow Australia VH-ZFK: Bristow Australia from Dec13

    In storage at Karratha, Australia by Jan18
    2785 ec225lp 2011     9M-STJ: MHS Aug11-Jun13
    Caledonian Helicopters G-CGUA: Caledonian Helicopters Jul/Aug 2011

    Bristow G-CGUA: Bristow Jul13-Nov14; seen at Aberdeen, Scotland

    Bristow Australia VH-ZFS: Bristow Australia Dec14-May19

    State of Utah N2785B: Bank of Utah Trustee from May19
    2709 ec225lp 2008     9M-STQ: MHS, rtn VH-ZFC
    Bristow G-ZZSP: Bristow 04/22 Dec 2008, for Australia

    Bristow Jul12-Feb13; pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland;

    Bristow Australia VH-ZFC: Bristow Australia 2009, to 9M-STQ

    Bristow Australia Dec11, to UK

    Bristow Australia from Mar13
    2366 as332l2     9M-STR: MHS Aviation 2006
    Vietnam Helicopter Company VN-8609: VN-8609; to LN-OHH

    Helikopter Service LN-OHH: Helikopter Service; to 9M-STR
    2387 as332l1     9M-STS: MHS Aviation
    2405 as332l1     9M-STT: MHS Aviation/Petronas; w/o 30jan07 on route to an oil platfo+
    2407 as332l1 1994     9M-STU: MHS Aviation, to VH-LHH, rtn to Maylasia and again to VH-LHH
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-LHH: Lloyd Helicopters from 1998

    CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LHH: CHC Australia Aug07-2016

    Heli Austria GmbH OE-XSP: Heli Austria from May16

    pictured at Zeltweg

    16mar18 at Bellinzona, Switzerland
    2408 as332l1     9M-STV: MHS Aviation Berhad from 1994; 2017 still
    2312 as332l1 1990     9M-STW: MHS Aviation 2003-2008
    Braathens LN-OBQ: Braathens 1990-1993, test serial F-WTNV

    Helikopter Service LN-OBQ: CHC Helikopter Service 1994-2003

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-FWPE: CHC Feb09-Jan10

    CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LOJ: CHC Australia Feb10-Aug13

    Lloyd Helicopters VH-LOJ: Lloyd Helicopters from Aug13

    Coldstream Helicopters C-GRGD: Coldstream Helicopters from Feb20
    2695 ec225lp 2008     9M-STX: Malaysian Helicopter Services Jan/Aug 2011 ; d/d Kerteh Air+
    Bristow G-ZZSO: Bristow Jun/Aug 2008

    Bristow Australia VH-ZFB: Bristow Australia Aug08-Dec10

    Bristow Australia from Aug11

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