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    thailand Royal Thai Air Force

    2015 to present

    Royal Thai Air Force H225M

    Four EC725 ordered in 2012 and delivered in August 2015.
    Two additional helicopters ordered in 2014 for delivery in 2016.
    Two more ordered in 2016 for delivery in 2019.
    Four additional ordered in September 2018 bringing total to 12 by 2021

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    Safran Support for Thai H225M and H135 Engines, 17-Feb-22 : #engines Thai Aviation Industries (TAS) will provide maintenance for Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) 12 Arrius 2B2Plus engines ( used by EC135T3 / H135 helicopters ) and 24 Makila 2A ( EC725 / H225M )

    Airbus at DSE Bangkok 2019, 19-Nov-19 : #DSE2019 Airbus featuring products portfolio at the biennial Defence & Security Expo exhibition DSE 2019, Bangkok, November 18-21

    Royal Thai Air Force Receives Two New H225M, 25-Oct-18 : #H225M RTAF now operates 8 EC725/H225M. First entered service in 2015, Thailand will have 12 by 2021

    Thailand Orders Four Additional EC725/H225M, 22-Sep-18 : #H225M Royal Thai Air Force orders additional four EC725/H225M which brings RTAF’s fleet to 12 helicopters by 2021

    Royal Thai Air Force Orders 2 More EC725s, 04-Oct-16 : The Royal Thai Air Force ordered two more EC725/H225M for delivery in 2019 as Phase III. RTAF already operates 4 (Phase I) with another 2 (Phase II) ordered in 2014 scheduled for delivery this year

    Royal Thai Air Force Receives Four EC725, 25-Aug-15 : Thailand taken delivery of first batch of four this month with another two due next year. Fleet will be used for transport, combat search and rescue (CSAR) and national SAR flights

    EC725 and EC645T2 for Thailand, 22-Oct-14 : Royal Thai Navy signed for five EC645T2 with deliveries scheduled to begin in 2016. Royal Thai Air Force reorder 2 EC725 booked in 2012 for Combat Search and Rescue and delivers in 2015

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2015/    203 Helicopter Squadron Don Muang International Airport

    List of Aircraft

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    C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    2929     H11-1/58: 20301 RTAF 203Sqn Jun15
    Airbus Helicopters France F-ZWBD: Airbus; at Marignane
    3092     H11-10/64: 20310 RTAF 203Sqn Nov21, test serial F-ZWBT
    3105     H11-11/64: 20311 RTAF 203Sqn Sep21, test serial F-ZWDJ
    3106     H11-12/64: 20312 RTAF 203Sqn Aug21, test serial F-ZWDT
    2946     H11-2/58: 20302 RTAF 203Sqn Jun15, test serial F-ZWBA
    2952     H11-3/58: 20303 RTAF 203Sqn Jun15, test serial F-ZWBM
    2960     H11-4/58: 20304 RTAF 203Sqn Aug15, test serial F-ZWBP
    3007     H11-5/59: 20305 RTAF 203Sqn Nov16, test serial F-ZWCJ
    3010     H11-6/59: 20306 RTAF 203sqn Nov16, test serial F-ZWCO
    3040     H11-7/61: 20307 RTAF 203Sqn Oct18, test serial F-ZWBW
    3041     H11-8/61: 20308 RTAF 203Sqn Oct18, test serial F-ZWDF
    3089     H11-9/64: 20309 RTAF 203Sqn Nov21, test serial F-ZWBO

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