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    austria SHS

    Schider Helicopter Service

    2004 to present

    SHS EC135

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2010/    heli 3 Langkampfen - Au heliport

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    0035 ec135t1 1997     D-HEOY: Schider Helicopter Service 2009-2010, rtn to HTM
    - I-HEMS: to D-HEOY

    international flight ambulance D-HEOY: IFA 2003/04, rtn to HTM

    noted at Leipzig Halle

    noted at the old Taunus Klinik ground level pad in Bad +

    noted as Breisgau

    noted at Erlangen

    noted at Ottobrunn

    German air rescue D-HEOY: noted as Christoph 41 at Leonberg

    noted at Suhl

    Helicopter Travel Munich D-HEOY: HTM from 2000

    2007 EADS Feuewehr 112

    noted with Feuewehr at Fuerstenfeldbruck

    19 pictured (pic1) at Antwerpen, Belgium

    28jun14 in Assen, TT circuit

    pictured (pic2) landed at the Damiaan Hospital in oste+

    Heliventure FTO / HelicopterFlights D-HEOY: Heliventure FTO / HelicopterFlights at Nijlen Heliport,+

    Helicopterflights at Antwerp

    Aug19 still

    25nov19 14:00 hs at UZ Gasthuisberg, Leuven, Belgium
    0007 ec135p1     HA-ECH: Hungarian Air Ambulance, owned by SHS GmbH by Jan16
    ADAC Air Rescue D-HLEU: ADAC Dec96-Nov14

    noted as Christoph 25 at Giessen (old helipad)

    noted as Christoph 61 at Uelzen
    0105 ec135t1 1999     OE-XAH: SHS 2004-2013
    osterman helikopter SE-JFP: Osterman 2000-2004; Ambulans 998 at Stockholm

    Skymedia AG HB-ZIR: Skymedia AG May13-Jan14

    Air Glaciers SA HB-ZIR: Air Glaciers SA from Jan14; /Obelix w/o 24mar18 on rout+
    0411 ec135t2 2005     OE-XAH: SHS /Heli3 by 2018; conv to T3 ?
    - F-GXRR: France private, noted Oct05, test serial D-HECJ, D-HECV

    Sky Service UP-EC505: Sky Service, Kazakhstan Jul08, ex UN-E3501 (?)
    0101 ec135p1 1999     OE-XLR: SHS
    Eurocopter Germany D-HECP: Eurocopter to I-AIRQ

    EliFriulia I-AIRQ: Eli Friulia, test serial D-HECP
    0045 ec135p1 1998     OE-XML: SHS Oct14-Oct16
    ADAC Air Rescue D-HRET: ADAC Jan98-Oct14

    noted as Christoph 23 at Klinikum Mainz ground level pa+

    17may05 Christoph 23 at Bundeswehrzentralkrankenhaus

    noted as Christoph 23 at UK Marburg

    noted as Christoph 19 at Uelzen

    Skymedia AG HB-ZSJ: Skymedia AG Oct16-Jan17, lsd SHS

    Alpine Air Ambulance HB-ZSJ: Alpine Air Ambulance (AAA), op by Lions Air Skymedia AG

    AP3 Luftrettung HB-ZSJ: Alpine Air Ambulance / AP3 Luftrettung, op by Lions Air+
    0383 ec135p2     OE-XRR: SHS, noted 2014; pictured (pic2)
    TAF Helicopters EC-JJI: RACC; 22oct11 pictured (pic1) during Rally Costa Daurad+
    0050 ec135t1 1998     OE-XRS: SHS by 2011
    Austrian air rescue OE-XEB: CFV, test serial D-HECJ

    as OAMTC / Christophorus 9. On the Vienna outer ring +
    0672 ec135t2+ 2008     OE-XRU: Schider Helicopter Service
    - D-HIFI: private Italy 2008, test serial D-HECD

    Avionord srl Italy 2011

    Star Sky Work sas at Bolzano/Dolomiti, Italy 2014

    Skymedia AG HB-ZUE: Lions Air Skymedia AG / SHS from Sep18, HEMS

    Alpine Air Ambulance HB-ZUE: Alpine Air Ambulance, op by SHS
    0022 ec135t1 1997     OE-XSH: SHS from 2010
    - N313LP: Helicorp Inc 1998-2010
    0174 ec135t1 2001     OE-XXR: SHS by Jan20
    Bond Aviation Group G-WMAS: Bond Air Services Jun01-Oct14, HEMS, test serial D-HECK

    UK Air Ambulances G-WMAS: Midlands County Air Ambulance 2003-2008

    Midlands Air Ambulance (MAAC) 2009-2011; 2011 as Helime+

    Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance (HIOWAA), not+

    Bond Aviation Group G-GWAA: Bond Air Services Oct14-Apr16, EC135T2 type

    UK Air Ambulances G-GWAA: Great Western Air Ambulance (GWAAC) Oct14-2016?

    Babcock International G-WMAS: Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore Ltd Apr16-201+

    May/Nov 2018 for sale Eurocopter EC-130-T2 2001; TT 6,+

    Emergency Medical Assistance Service F-HBBK: SAMU, op by Babcock by Aug18
    0027 ec135t1 1997     OE-XXR: Schider Helicopter Service Dec09-Oct14
    ADAC Air Rescue D-HRHM: ADAC Aug97-Dec09

    noted as Christoph 8 at Lunen

    noted as Christoph 8 at Lunen

    Air Glaciers SA HB-ZRK: Air Glaciers SA / Schider Helicopter Service GmbH from +
    0008 ec135p1 1996     OE-XXS: SHS, to HB-ZJD
    German Local Police D-HPOZ: Polizei Bayern 1996

    ADAC Air Rescue D-HPOZ: ADAC 1997-1999

    Copterline OH-HCH: Copterline 1999-

    Skymedia AG HB-ZJD: Skymedia AG Jan16-Jan17; Lions Air Skymedia AG from Jan+

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