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    usa US Army Aviation

    2021 to present

    US Army Aviation UH-72B Lakota

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    North Carolina National Guard Upgrades to UH-72B, 15-Nov-22 : #Lakota Detachment 1, Bravo Company, 2-151st Aviation Regiment (2-151 AVN), “One Eyed Goose”, 449th Combat Aviation Brigade (449 CAB), North Carolina Army National Guard, held ceremony for reception of first two Airbus UH-72B Lakota helicopters at Morrisville, NC

    Safran Support for US Army UH-72A/B Lakota Engines, 12-Sep-22 : #Safran Safran signed Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) contract with the US Army to support over 900 Arriel 1E2 and Arriel 2E engines used by the UH-72A (Bk117C2/EC145T1) and UH-72B (Bk117D3/EC145T2/H145) Lakota fleet

    Colorado Guard First to Upgrade to UH-72B, 16-Aug-22 : #Lakota Colorado Army National Guard at Buckley received the first 2 Airbus UH-72B Lakota to replace current UH-72A fleet. Based on the 5-bladed H145D3 the new model will be delivered to 9 national guard units

    Airbus to Support US Army Lakota Fleet, 23-May-22 : #Lakota Airbus USA awarded follow-on Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) to provide spare parts, material, and engineering support for the US Army fleet of 482 UH-72A and UH-72B Lakota helicopters

    Arizona National Guard First to Field the UH-72B, 06-Apr-22 : #Arizona Arizona Army National Guard will be the first to operate the Airbus UH-72B Lakota helicopter. The new version is based on the 5-blade H145D3 model. Colorado and New Mexico to follow later this year

    Arriel 2E is Built in USA for UH-72B Lakota, 20-Oct-21 : #Arriel2E Safran to built the Arriel 2E engine in Texas for the new Airbus UH-72B Lakota helicopter for the US Army. The facility has already built and maintains the Arriel 2D for the H125 and the Arriel 1E2 for the UH-72A

    First UH-72B Lakota for US Army National Guard, 08-Sep-21 : #Lakota The first of 18 UH-72B helicopters was delivered by Airbus facility in Columbus, MI to the US Army National Guard. Production of the UH-72A ended last year with 463 helicopters delivered to the US Army, National Guard, Navy and Royal Thai Army

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2022/    Arizona National Guard Silverbell Army Heliport
    2022/    Colorado National Guard Buckley AFB
    Eagle County Regional
    2022/    North Carolina National Guard Raleigh Durham Intl
    2022/    New Mexico National Guard Santa Fe Municipal

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    21068 2021     ?: unk
    Airbus Helicopters USA N163AH: Airbus USA Jul21
    21044 2021     20-72464: uh-72b
    Airbus Helicopters USA N105AH: Airbus Mar21
        20-72468: Co C, 3-140th AVN, NM ARNG
        20-72471: G72471 Co C, 3-140th AVN, NM ARNG
    2022     20-72475: Det 1 Co B 2-151 AVN, 449 CAB, NCARNG from 09nov22
    2022     20-72477: Det 1 Co B 2-151 AVN, 449 CAB, NCARNG from 09nov22

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