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  • algeria Algerian National Navy

    Al Quwwat Al Bahria Al Djaza eria

    List of ships

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    Destroyer Soummam class 12006--
    Landing Ship/Platform Dock Kalaat Beni class 21984--
    Landing Ship/Platform Dock San Giorgio class 12014--


    Shipyards. 2nd hand not included YearsShips
    UK Vosper Thornycroft, Woolston 19841
    IT Cantiere navale del Muggiano, Lerici, Lerici 20141
    CN CSSC Hudong Zhonghua, Pudong 20061
    UK Brooke Marine, 19841

    DZ Classes

        Derivatives / Succeeded by Filter:    
    1984 L Kalaat Beni class
    2006 DD Soummam class


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    engines Naval Engine diesel 2006--
    artillery Naval Gun Mark 38 25 mm 2014--
    electronics Naval Radar fire direction radar Selenia Orion RTN-10X 2014--

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