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    NEWS | Ansat in Russian Helicopters

    Emergency Ditching System for Ansat

    Kazan Helicopters, part of Russian Helicopters, is developing a water emergency landing system for the Ansat that will be enable the helicopter to perform offshore missions


    Emergency Ditching System for Ansat

    Russian Helicopters, November 07, 2018 - Specialists at Kazan Helicopters, a Russian Helicopters Holding company, have completed testing of an Ansat helicopter equipped with a ditching system.

    It is designed for emergency water landings and is used to save the lives of crew and passengers. The ditching system is currently in the certification phase. When the work is complete, the Federal Air Transport Agency will approve the major modification.

    The ditching system includes inflatable buoyancy chambers (ballonets), two life rafts, an emergency life support package, including a radio beacon for rescuers to determine the landing site.

    In the event of a ditching, this emergency set keeps the helicopter afloat for 30 minutes. This is enough time to deploy the system’s life-saving equipment, and to safely leave the helicopter.

    “We are continuing our work to improve the air safety of the Ansat, as it is actively used in the transportation of passengers and patients who require emergency medical assistance,” said Russian Helicopters’ CEO Andrey Boginsky.

    “Additionally, helicopters equipped with a ditching system will be able to conduct flights to [facilities of] oil companies located at a considerable distance from the coast, and participate in search-and-rescue operations above the water.

    “Together with high performance, this will make the Ansat even more attractive to fuel and energy companies and rescue services.”

    Ansat is a light, multipurpose twin-engine helicopter manufactured by Kazan Helicopters. According to the helicopter certificate, its design allows it to be converted into a cargo version or a passenger rotorcraft that can carry up to seven people. The Ansat is certified for use at temperatures ranging between -45 С and 50 С.

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