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    NEWS | Russian Helicopters Ansat-M

    Ansat-M First Flight

    Russian Helicopters unveiled the Ansat-M equipped with an upgraded fuel system for extended range, a modified tail for better stability and new avionics which allows it to fly in zero visibility conditions

    * Manufactured by Kazan, deliveries will begin in 2021 to launch customer Polar Airlines in the Far North,


    Ansat-M First Flight

    Rostec, January 03, 2021 - Russian Helicopters holding company, part of the Rostec State Corporation, completed first flight of the first modernized light multipurpose helicopter Ansat-M.

    The helicopter was created using new technical solutions and has improved characteristics.

    “The modernization of Ansat was carried out within the framework of a contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia in 2019-2020. 230 million rubles were allocated from the federal budget for development. The new modification has a number of advantages and is planned for deliveries to regional airlines. I am sure that the new aircraft will contribute to improve the transport accessibility of remote areas of our country”, said Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov.

    The helicopter is equipped with an upgraded fuel system, which made it possible to increase the flight range. Due to the modernization of the tail, the aircraft stability has been improved. In addition, Ansat-M received the latest avionics, which allows it to fly in zero visibility conditions.

    Ansat is a versatile helicopter capable of performing a wide range of tasks, with great potential for modernization. The new modification received an improved fuel system, it became possible to install an additional tank - as a result, the flight range increased from 505 to 800 km.

    The proportion of composite materials in the structure has been increased by 15% to 35% - this has made it possible to reduce the weight of the helicopter and improve its flight characteristics.

    Certification tests of Ansat-M and the first deliveries are planned for 2021, ”said Anatoly Serdyukov, industrial director of Rostec aviation.

    New blades of the Ansat's tail and main rotors with improved aerodynamics are being developed. Their use will increase the ability to maneuver and improve passenger comfort by reducing the noise level in the cabin. The use of new blades will also increase the maximum take-off and landing altitude, cruising speed, dynamic ceiling, and take-off weight.

    In 2021, it is planned to equip the aircraft with a new anti-icing system and a 3-channel autopilot for automatic flight.

    The launch customer of the upgraded Ansat helicopters will be Polar Airlines. In accordance with the operator's recommendations, a new technical appearance of the helicopter was developed, which implies hangar-free storage of the helicopter, increased flight range, the presence of an anti-icing system and the ability to perform instrument flights.

    Seven Ansat helicopters will go to the Far North, deliveries will begin in 2021. According to the terms of the contract, all the helicopters will carry modern medical modules", said Andrey Boginsky, CEO of the Russian Helicopters holding.

    Ansat is manufactured at the Kazan Helicopter Plant of the Russian Helicopters holding of the State Corporation Rostec.

    The design of the helicopter allows it to be quickly transformed into both cargo and passenger versions with the ability to carry up to seven people. As of today, modifications of the aircraft with a medical module and a rescue winch for search and rescue operations have been certified.

    Ansat can be operated in the temperature range from -45 to +50 degrees Celsius and in high mountain conditions. To date, more than 90 Ansat helicopters have been handed over to Russian customers, of which about 40 are participating in the program for the development of air ambulance in the Russian Federation.

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