Peak Aviation received first Eurocopter Canada AS.350B3e

The AS350 B3e will support Peak Aviation’s growing fleet of Eurocopter aircraft

Eurocopter, March 17, 2012 - Today, Peak Aviation Inc. has selected the AS350 B3e to assist with its mining, fire and long-lining missions. The sale by Eurocopter Canada Limited (ECL) will mark Peak Aviation’s fourth Eurocopter product, including two EC130 B4s and one AS350 B3.

“The AS350 B3e is the best single engine aircraft for the type of utility work that we deliver to our customers,” said Guy Tremblay, President, Peak Aviation Inc. “Eurocopter continues to provide us with the quality and support that we expect when developing our fleet, which is why we are looking forward to utilizing the AS350 B3e in conjunction with our other Eurocopter products.”

The AS350 B3e’s exceptional lifting capability, high endurance, extended range, fast cruise speed and reduced TBO, make it an ideal choice for all types of challenging missions.

“The enhanced AS350 B3e is rising in popularity due to its high performance, versatility, safety and low maintenance costs,” said Guy Joannes, President and CEO, ECL. “We are pleased that Peak Aviation has decided to continue building its fleet with the addition of this helicopter and we will do our best to support the operation and development of this valuable customer.”

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