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World first Cougar AS532 ALe to Chilean Army

  FIDAE 2014

  • World first Cougar AS532 ALe delivered to Chilean Army
  • World first Cougar AS532 ALe delivered to Chilean Army

Airbus Helicopters, March 26, 2014 - The Chilean Army, Ejército de Chile, took delivery of the world’s first Cougar AS532 ALe on Tuesday, March 25 at the FIDAE International Air and Space Fair in Santiago, Chile.

This new aircraft is the latest member of the Cougar family and features the same four-axis autopilot and glass cockpit as the EC225.

It is the ninth Cougar helicopter to be delivered to the Ejército de Chile.

“This is an important day for Chilean aviation. We are very proud to be the first operator of this new version of the Cougar,” said General Sergio Retamal, aviation commander for the Ejército de Chile. “The Lamas we once flew were replaced by Pumas and now Cougars. Thanks to these aircraft, we are a reliable ally for rescue operations and natural disaster response, among other missions."

Airbus Helicopters’ participation at FIDAE includes a diverse selection of rotorcraft representing the company’s leading presence in the region. On display are the single-engine AS350 B3 Ecureuil for utility missions, tourism and filming; the EC120 and the EC130 T2; the EC145 for public security and disaster relief missions; the Dauphin family’s EC155 B1 for private aviation; and the AS532 ALe version of the workhorse Super Puma family.

Airbus Helicopters is the only manufacturer that can fulfill all of Latin America’s operational requirements—from lightweight to heavy-lift—and unique flying conditions—from hot jungle environments to the Andes' high altitudes. The company became established in the region around 40 years ago, with three subsidiaries today in Chile, Brazil and Mexico.

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