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  • NEWS | Eurocopter AS532SC Cougar in CL Armada de Chile

    AS-532SC Cougar Naval Multi-Mission Helicopter

    Eurocopter showcased the AS532SC Cougar naval helicopter at FIDAE 1998

    Eurocopter, March 23, 1998 - Santiago de Chile, FIDAE 98 - In order to achieve in the most efficient way maritime surveillance of wide areas, early warning for a naval task-force, anti-surface and anti-submarine warfares, the AS 532 SC Cougar, a twin engine helicopter of the 9 Tonne class, is equipped with a sophisticated electronic package, associating the latest generation sensors with powerful computing equipment.

  • System architecture : The system is built around the panoramic, multimode, pulse compression VARAN radar for active detection of small targets, in rough sea states and severe electromagnetic environment and the DR 2000/DALIA ESM equipment for wide band omnidirectional passive detection, identification and classification of the detected emissions.

  • Maritime survey, early warning : With its hi-tech electronic package, the AS 532 SC Cougar is able to manage the surface situation, detect, identify and track the different types of surface targets, either in active or passive mode. The AS 532 SC Cougar, in one 5 hour sortie, is able to survey the same area as a frigate during 24 hours.

  • Attack of surface vessels : The Cougar is the only modern helicopter in the western world to be armed with a long range, all weather, stand-off and combat proven weapon system, the Aerospatiale AM39 block 2 missiles. The formidable fire-power of these two missiles can be used far away, since the Cougar has an operating radius of action of about 200 n.m..

  • Anti-submarine warfare : The Cougar is a completely self-contained ASW unit capable of detecting and classifying submarines in all weather conditions and shallow waters. Once the submarine has been detected by its dipping sonar, it will be destroyed by the torpedoes. At 30 n.m. from its base, the AS 532 SC Cougar can remain more than 2.5 hours in station.

  • Ship borne operations : The Cougar has demonstrated full capacity to operate from helo carrier or frigates. The AS 532 SC Cougar can be equipped with the "HARPON" quick securing device operating in conjonction with a landing grid.

    As far as the COUGAR is concerned, the following were the program's chief objectives :

  • On the vehicles : high performance, ease of deployment, low operating cost, comfort, plus high mission readiness thanks notably to an all-weather capability even in icing conditions.

  • For military use and adapting to modern battlefield conditions : survivability, suitability for tactical flight thanks to exceptional manoeuvrability, low observability, low vulnerability to projectiles, crashworthiness. The machine's outstanding versatility additionally makes for a wide range of mission profiles.

    Main engineering options implementation on the Cougar :

  • Powerplant : the adoption of rugged Turbomeca Makila 1A1 turboshafts engines of modular design and low specific fuel consumption endows the Cougar with impressive power (2 x 1877 shp). Coupled with exceptionally short response times, this represents a decisive contribution to the machine's outstanding tactical flight capability.

  • Rotors : the blades are made of composite materials throughout. By comparison with blades incorporating metallic components, this makes for unsurpassed serviceability, low vulnerability, an unlimited useful life and imperviousness to marine corrosion.

    ther innovations include a simplified main rotor hub, a main gearbox of modular design and a high-energy-absorption landing-gear contributing to the machine's crashworthiness. This tricycle gear was designed to permit landings on small oil-rigs and ships thanks to its wide track yet short wheelbase.

    The Cougar can also be equipped with jet diluters for protection against heat-seeking missiles, with infrared and electromagnetic countermeasures, crashworthy seats for pilot and military personnel, armorplate for crew seats and vital parts of the machine, a 4.5 metric-ton capacity sling and a winch capable of hoisting 245 kg.

    A multirole helicopter if ever there was one, the Cougar can be armed with machine-guns and pod-mounted cannons, with rockets, or with antisubmarine or antisurface weapon systems to suit different mission requirements.

    To date, some 455 machines of the Cougar/Super Puma family have been ordered by 68 customers in 43 countries and have logged over 1.6 million flight hours.

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    Eurocopter AS532SC Cougar in CL Armada de Chile

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