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First Offshore AW169 for Heli Service International

Heli Service International from Germany received its first AW169 helicopter to be used in the world’s largest offshore wind energy project, the Siemens »Gemini«

  • Heli Service International from Germany received its first AW169 helicopter to be used in the world’s largest offshore wind energy project, the Siemens »Gemini«

Heli Service International, August 11, 2016 - Emden – Right on time for the beginning of the world’s largest offshore wind energy project, Siemens »Gemini«, Heli Service International received the first Leonardo-Finmeccanica AW169 last Thursday.

The midsized twin-engine helicopter of the 4.8-ton class is the first of its kind, specifically designed for demanding offshore applications.

Heli Service International, based in northern Germany, is the first customer to employ this new type on the European helicopter market.

Their AW169, with call sign D-HHTJ, features a special lightweight configuration. This will meet the customers’ requirements for the transfer of maintenance personnel to and from the wind turbines in an optimum way and also includes a hoist from Goodrich.

With its performance, technology, and high safety standards, the AW169 sets the benchmark among its contenders on the German and European offshore market. In its class, the AW169 is the most advanced helicopter available.This new type will raise the capabilities of Heli Service International to a whole new level for hoist-operation onto wind turbines.

Managing Directors Oliver Freiland, Eberhard Herr, and Nils Herrmann are certain: »After an extensive investigation of all relevant helicopter-types available, we are fully confident of having chosen the perfect match for our offshore customer´s demand for high-quality and safe operation, while being economically efficient.«

Leonardo-Finmeccanica AW169

The AW169 was specifically designed to meet the customer’s growing demand for a light twin-engine helicopter with a high performance, modern safety standards and multi-role capabilities.

Accommodating up to ten passengers in its cabin, the AW169 comprises new technology features in the engine, transmission, and rotor system, as well as avionics and electric power generation. With its long time between overhauls, while operating in the most demanding scenarios, the AW169 claims its place in Leonardo-Finmeccanica’s family of modern midsized helicopters. The AW139 and the AW169 combine high performance and modern safety standards, while sharing the same cockpit and design concept. Thus offering synergies in terms of training, flight operations, maintenance and support.

About Heli Service International: Established in 1987, Heli Service International has almost 30 years of experience in passenger and cargo transports, as well as training for offshore service-personnel. While transferring parts and passengers to and from offshore wind farms, jack-up barges and platforms is the company’s core competency, Heli Service International also conducts service and maintenance in its own workshop.

Since 2004, Heli Service International is also providing two helicopters equipped for Arctic and Antarctic conditions for the research vessel RV Polarstern, during expeditions by order of the AlfredWegener-Institut, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung (AWI). Heli Service International is currently operating from bases in Emden, Husum and Esbjerg.

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AgustaWestland AW169 D-HHTJ     ( HeliService International GmbH )

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