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Air Logistics Fleet Renewal with 14 Bell 206L4

Air Logistics ordered 14 new Bell 206L-4 Long Ranger as part of the renewal fleet process

Air Logistics Fleet Renewal with 14 Bell 206L4
Bell Helicopter, March 26, 2003 - Bell and Air Logistic officials today announced the signing of an agreement for Bell to provide 14 new 206L-4 Long Ranger helicopters to Air Logistics of New Iberia, La.

The sale is part of a fleet renewal program announced by Air Logistics and its parent Offshore Logistics earlier this year.

The new 206L-4s will be used for offshore oil support in the Gulf of Mexico. Deliveries will start in second quarter 2003 and continue through 2005.

John Murphey, chairman and chief executive officer of Bell Helicopter, said of the sale, “Making a fleet sale is always exciting for our company, but this renewal fleet sale is even more exciting because it means we have met the expectations of a more than 30-year Bell customer and an astute business operator. We are very pleased to partner with Air Logistics to meet their helicopter needs.”

Air Logistics provides helicopter transportation and other support services to the oil and gas industry worldwide. Air Logistics provides its flight services from 16 strategic locations across the Gulf of Mexico, stretching from Corpus Christi, TX, to Mobile, AL, and supports more than 90 aircraft operating in international areas such as Mexico, Nigeria and Brazil.

Drury Milke, president of Air Logistics, said of the purchase, “ The Long Ranger is known for its versatility and reliability and provides an important role in servicing our customers’ production operations. Add to that the well known Bell after sale product support, and the 206L-4’s low operating cost, and it is obvious that the Bell 206L-4 is a clear choice for the mission it will perform.”

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206 in US Air Logistics

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