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Bell 429 Law Enforcement Demonstrator

Germany Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH (ESG) signed collaboration agreement to showcase the Bell 429 helicopter’s capabilities to the police and military markets in Europe and across the globe

Bell 429 Law Enforcement Demonstrator
Bell, September 24, 2020 - Fort Worth, TX - Bell Textron Inc., a Textron Inc company, announced a collaboration agreement with Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH (ESG) to install their Mission Management System in a Bell 429 as a law enforcement demonstrator.

This new demonstrator will be used to showcase the aircraft’s capabilities to the police and military markets in Europe and across the globe.

“With the Bell 429 certified to the latest certification standards in its class, combined with market-leading customer support – it was imperative to team up with a top German technology company such as ESG,” said Duncan Van De Velde, Managing Director, Europe & Russia. “Bell and ESG are committed to providing the best solution to the parapublic market and will work together to showcase this offering.”

For more than 50 years, ESG has been developing, integrating, and operating complex and security-related electronic and IT systems for the military, public authorities and companies. ESG is a leading international system and software company based in Munich, Germany. It provides development and service processes for software-intensive, complex, high-tech and security-related products.

Mission Management System

“We are excited for this collaboration with Bell,” said Daniel Högemann, Project Manager Mission & New Generation Helicopters, ESG. “By pairing our Mission Management System with the reliable Bell 429, we believe we can provide the best parapublic solution to the region.”

With over 400 Bell 429s around the globe and 100 located in Europe, the aircraft has been one of the most successful light twin helicopters on the market since its certification in 2009.The Bell 429 is a proven system that is operated by premier law enforcement and for search and rescue missions with customers in Europe and around the world.

For police and military missions, the surveillance system is one of the most important items of equipment on the helicopter. In order to conduct the mission, the customer must have confidence that the system can perform in an emergency situation. ESG’s Mission Management System has set the standard for police surveillance missions by providing state-of-the-art integration of mission equipment. Customers will be able to have the option to purchase the ESG system with their new helicopter directly from Bell together as one purchase.

About ESG: For more than five decades, ESG has been one of the leading German companies for the development, integration and operation of complex, security-relevant electronic and IT systems, with sales currently in excess of EUR 300 million. More than 2,000 employees of the ESG Group with the brands ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY, CYOSS and ESG MOBILITY provide logistics, system development, training and consulting services in Germany and internationally for customers from public authorities, defence and industry.

ESG is an approved aviation company for Bundeswehr aviation equipment and aviation operations in accordance with EASA Part 21J, LBA Part G and LBA Part 145. As a special systems company for mission systems, simulation and training, as well as special mission systems, we offer customer-specific solutions. Independent process and technology consulting is one of ESG's key competencies. Technology transfer between the markets is the basis for the decisive contribution to the added value of our customers.


Go.... Bell... Go... Godspeed

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