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Columbia Helicopter buys 3 CH-47D Chinooks

Columbia Helicopter Announces Acquisition of 3 CH-47D Helicopters

Columbia Helicopters, February 18, 2014 - Columbia Helicopters is pleased to announce the acquisition of three Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopters. The aircraft were purchased from the U.S. government.

These aircraft will expand the company’s fleet of commercial super-heavy-lift helicopters which Columbia uses for its traditional markets. No specific projects or contracts are immediately identified for these aircraft.

“We are pleased to add these aircraft to our fleet,” said Mike Fahey, the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

“As a long-time commercial operator of Chinook helicopters, we are uniquely positioned to operate and maintain these helicopters,” added company President Stan Wilson. “The aircraft will come into our maintenance facility for refurbishment before putting them to work.”

The company currently has an active fleet of six Columbia Model 234 Chinooks, the commercial variant of the CH-47, and 14 Columbia Vertol 107-II helicopters.

Columbia Helicopters acquired the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Type Certificates from Boeing for the two commercial models (the Columbia Model 234 Chinook and Columbia 107-II), and the company also hold a Production Certificate that allows the company to produce FAA-approved parts for these aircraft. The company also has a number of the Vertol 107-II aircraft in storage, waiting on fleet demand before bringing them into active service.

Military surplus aircraft sold to commercial businesses may be operated within the Federal Aviation Administration’s “Restricted Category”. These regulations require that the aircraft be identified as “Restricted”, and the owners or operators are limited in how and where the aircraft are used.

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