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Metro Aviation EC135 First Flight Refurbishment

A EC135P1 known as First Flight from Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, Florida underwent refurbishment at Metro Aviation facility in Shreveport, Louisiana

Metro Aviation EC135 First Flight Refurbishment
Metro Aviation, March 03, 2015 - It has been sixteen years since Metro Aviation first completed the EC135 P1 known as First Flight.

Since then, Metro has operated and maintained the aircraft for Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, Florida, ensuring it is always in top shape no matter its age.

Recently, Metro brought the aircraft back to its completion facility in Shreveport, Louisiana for a total refurbishment.

First Flight underwent a complete interior makeover with avionics upgrades.

Metro installed an ADS-B out transponder, HeliSAS autopilot and a Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS), and the EC135 will be put into service upon certification of the equipment. The aircraft is also flying with a brand new paint scheme.

“Looking at the First Flight EC135, you would never know it has accumulated 7,700 flight hours,” said Metro Managing Director Milton Geltz. “This is not only a testament of our completion and refurbishment capabilities, but also an example of our attention to detail. This aircraft has been maintained to the highest standards and will be around for a long time.”

First Flight has been a Metro customer since 1995 and the crew says they are thankful for their relationship with Metro Aviation. “Metro is such a professional organization and they exceed our expectations every time,” said Chief Flight Nurse Tiffany Bassani. “Words can not express our excitement over our like-new aircraft. We are well taken care of, and are looking forward to putting our aircraft back in the sky.”

Aircraft mentioned in this article :
EC135P1 N911HR     ( State of Florida )

Location : US Holmes Regional Medical Center Heliport

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EC135 in US Metro Aviation

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