United Rotorcraft Delivers First EC145 to OSF HealthCare

United Rotorcraft, part of Air Methods, delivered the first of four Eurocopter EC145 aircraft to OSF Aviation

Air Methods, May 04, 2012 - United Rotorcraft is pleased to announce it has delivered the first of four Eurocopter EC145 aircraft to OSF Aviation, LLC, Peoria, Ill., a part of OSF HealthCare.

The delivery marks the first after market WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) certified (under FAA STC) EC145. WAAS is intended to enable aircraft to rely on GPS for all phases of flight including precision approaches. Cockpit upgrades also included the cockpit instrument panel, and Storm Scope which will indicate lightning strikes in the immediate area for additional weather avoidance and enhanced safety.

The delivery also included a first for the “Next Generation” machined floor that includes sealed access/inspection panels that are removable, eliminating the need to remove the entire floor during routine inspections. The machined floor also includes integrated “anti-skid” surface that eliminates the wear and tear of anti-skid tape, and incorporates the customer’s logo machined into the floor to enhance program brand awareness. This aircraft also received a next generation monitor mount system that is recessed into the window wells to provide additional cabin space and enhancing patient comfort and care. The Ferno Proflexx 93H serves as the primary litter accompanied with a secondary litter kit for two patient transports, as well as an incubator solution which are all approved via FAA STC. The aircraft and STC was completed at the United Rotorcraft facility in Englewood, Colorado and received its custom four color paint scheme at United Rotorcraft’s paint facility in Decatur, Texas. The remaining three aircraft are all slated to deliver by midsummer.

“United Rotorcraft customized this interior and avionics suite to the customer’s unique requirements all with FAA STC approval, instead of the less robust field approval route. The added value of an STC versus field approval will benefit both the customer and our company for years to come” stated Frank Graham, Director of Business Development, United Rotorcraft.

About United Rotorcraft: United Rotorcraft is a united front of expertise, precision, and dedication to enhancing the completion and service support of aircraft completions, refurbishments, painting services and accessory availability for more than just Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) operations. United Rotorcraft, with its expanded operational facilities, is able to provide current and future customers a partner who can provide innovative interiors, EMS kits, paint and service for HEMS, Military, VIP, Law Enforcement, and Search and Rescue operations. United Rotorcraft will deliver high-quality interior solutions and unequalled customer support.

About OSF HealthCare’s Helicopter Air-Medical Transport Programs: OSF Saint Anthony Lifeline (Rockford, Illinois) and OSF Saint Francis Life Flight (Peoria, Illinois) programs are 24-hour helicopter air-medical transport services. These teams of physicians, nurses, pilots and mechanics average 2,200 patient transfers each year, making them a part of the busiest aero medical operation unit in the State of Illinois. The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis have led the way in air-medical transport helicopter service in Illinois since 1981, and together, OSF HealthCare’s Life Flight and Lifeline services combine to be one of the premier flight programs in the United States.

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