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EC175 Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer

In Service: EC175 Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer

Airbus Helicopters, April 16, 2014 - The EC175 Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPT III) has been certified by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) and is now operational.

Airbus Helicopters pilot instructors are already undergoing training in anticipation of the first student pilots who are expected to arrive early this summer.

The EC175 FNPT is just one of the training solutions that Airbus Helicopters has set up to support the entry into service of the EC175. The company has already introduced practical maintenance training on a Practical Maintenance Training Device (full-scale aircraft) for future EC175 maintenance technicians. Similarly, customers’ pilots will soon be trained on the Level D Full Flight Simulator manufactured by INDRA, which is scheduled for deployment prior to the first deliveries this summer.

The FNPT now in service in Marignane provides pilots with comprehensive and realistic trainings intended to improve situational awareness and decision making in a variety of mission scenarios. Pilots will undergo multi-level simulation training and practice various types of operational tasks reproduced by the training device. The goal at the end of the FNPT course is to ensure that pilots fully comprehend the EC175 system.

The EC175 Type Rating program is based on 26 hours of hands-on training: 8 hours on the FNPT, 13 hours of FFS, and 5 hours of actual flight (test included).

Training for pilots and ground engineers is of great importance to Airbus Helicopters as it plays a key role in ensuring flight safety.

FNPT technical characteristics

  • Full-scale replica of the EC175 cockpit
  • Visual displays: 60° vertical x 160° horizontal field of view
  • Fully functional multi-function display systems (HELIONIX)
  • Flight controls (actual grips)
  • Simulation software (Flight Model, AFCS, environmental scenario, helicopter ancillaries, communication, navigation and mission equipment simulation) developed according to FFS Level D requirements
  • High-fidelity flight control panels (complete and accurate functions)

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