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Helibras EC225 / EC725 training center in Brazil

Helibras launched construction of new training and simulation center (CTS) by Indra for EC225 and EC725 operators in Rio de Janeiro.

Helibras EC225 / EC725 training center in Brazil
Airbus Helicopters, October 17, 2014 - Helibras this month launched construction of its new training and simulation center (CTS) for EC225 and EC725 operators in Rio de Janeiro.

The initiative is part of the company’s contract with Brazil’s Ministry of Defense to provide EC725 helicopters to the Armed Forces with training and support.

The center is expected to be ready for operation in the first semester of 2015. It will house a state-of-the-art full flight simulator/flight training device (FFS/FTD) capable of performing simulations for both the EC725 (military) and the EC225 (civil) versions.

This dual qualification of the equipment was approved for use by the Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) after a series of evaluations.

The choice of Rio de Janeiro for the construction of the new CTS was due to the capital city’s proximity to military and offshore clients, who operate both versions of the helicopter, as well as its easy access to the domestic and international airports of Santos Dumont and Tom Jobim.

Besides benefitting EC725 military operations, the availability of EC225 simulation in Brazil will offer an additional qualification means for pilots in the offshore segment, who nowadays depend solely on training abroad. Pilots could also receive recurrent and emergency situation trainings, among others.

The simulator will contain a visual database of all Brazilian territory, specifically developed for Brazilian operators. The trainings will be simulated as closely as possible to each operational reality, either for oil & gas pilots with the EC225, or military pilots who operate the EC725.

“This is an important step for Helibras, not only because we are fulfilling a commitment from the acquisition contract for 50 EC725s, but also because this step is aligned with our aim of offering higher-level support and services coverage to Brazilian operators,” said Flávio Pires, vice president for Support & Services at Helibras.

This first FFS is now in its final phase of manufacturing in Madrid. A second simulator, currently being defined to meet the needs of Brazilian operators, will follow.

“To have a training center with full flight simulators in the country represents a new phase regarding pilot training in Brazil. Nowadays, Brazilian operators are obliged to search for this type of training abroad, mainly in Europe and in North America. Now, they will be able to receive training near their operational bases and in their native language, considerably reducing costs and the time away from work,” said Pires

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