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Denmark to buy 14 EH101

The Royal Danish Air Force orders 14 EH101 to replace the S-61 Sea King

GKN-Westland, December 10, 2001 - Yeovil, UK - On December 7 2001, Major General Lars Fynbo, Head of the Royal Danish Air Force's Materiel Command signed a formal contract with Giacomo Saponaro, Managing Director of EH Industries Ltd, an AgustaWestland company, for the purchase of 14 multi-role EH101 helicopters which had been previously selected in September 2001.

The contract signature was witnessed by Bjarke Heiberg-Iurgensen, Assistant Chief of Staff (Purchasing) together with Alan Johnston, Managing Director of Westland Helicopters Ltd. The ceremony was a successful conclusion to contract negotiations, which defined the specifications for the aircraft's configuration and associated support package.

In September 2001, Denmark announced the selection of the multi-role EH101 to meet its search and rescue and troop transport requirements following a straight competition with the Sikorsky S-92 and NH Industries NH90 to replace its long-serving fleet of Sikorsky S-61s.

Giacomo Saponaro congratulated the efforts of all concerned in this contract award: "Denmark's decision to procure EH101 is a strong signal that EH101 is now the aircraft of choice in its class for customers in export markets around the world. The recent selection by Portugal is a vindication of the growing stature of EH101 in its technical and operational excellence."

Alan Johnston further commented: "This award has been achieved with the strong and invaluable support from the UK's Defence Export Services Organisation, which, together with the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, rendered every assistance during the demanding technical evaluation trials. I can confirm that assembly and completion of the Danish aircraft will take place at Westland's Yeovil facility and I would like to express my personal thanks to all who have contributed to this significant contract success."

An important ingredient in the contract obligation is the level of benefits to Danish industry through industrial co-operation. In October 2000, EH Industries signed Teaming Agreements with TERMA A/S and Danish Aerotech A/S to collaborate and further develop their existing business relationships.

As part of its commitment to Danish industry, AgustaWestland has already placed a number of contracts with Danish industry for the supply of a range of EH101 components including avionic floors and a recently placed contract for EH101 roof structure manufacture.

One of the key roles that the Danish multi-role EH101 will conduct will be the deployment of the Danish International Brigade in support of humanitarian operations. These require high mobility both in the movement of troops or emergency personnel and the evacuation of threatened civilians. The large cabin area of EH101 is optimised for the movement of such personnel and supplies. It can carry in excess of 55 evacuees over the widest areas of operations, and large quantities of equipment and relief cargo can be carried either internally or externally. The proven all weather capability of the EH101 with its clearance to operate in icing conditions provides an added capability.

Search and rescue demands a helicopter that can search accurately for long periods at very long ranges from its base. It must also be capable of operating in hostile climatic conditions as well as in harsh environments and be able to find, rescue and accommodate at least twenty survivors. Its large cabin makes it ideally suited to search and rescue and medical transportation with room and height for patient treatment en route. Denmark has subjected EH101 to the most rigorous series of evaluations. However, EH101 has consistently proved itself to be the ideal platform for the Danish requirement to rescue survivors in conditions ranging from calm in-shore waters to open sea environments.

The first two of Canada's 15 new Cormorant search and rescue helicopters were delivered in October 2001 and the manufacturing programme is both on schedule and on budget. The first unit to operate Cormorant will be 442 Transport & Rescue Squadron at 19 Wing in Comox, British Columbia.

With over 50 EH101 variants delivered to date, the multi-role EH101 is fast establishing its credentials as the most advanced medium-lift helicopter in its class. The EH101 fleet has now completed over 20,000 flying hours in total, establishing a high level of aircraft maturity since its maiden flight in 1987. The world's first fully operational civil EH101, based in Japan, belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. EH101 was chosen for its long range, high capacity and safety - essential attributes in roles such as emergency evacuation. The aircraft has already passed some 100 flying hours. The completion of so many flying hours in such a short time highlights EH101's smooth introduction into service.

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