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HeliService Named Leonardo Excellent Service Centre

German offshore helicopter operator HeliService International GmbH appointed as a Leonardo Excellent Service Centre for AW109, AW169 and AW139 models

The “Excellent” ranking is assigned to selected Service Centres focused on maintaining third party fleets and having the largest scope of service capabilities to meet specific market needs

HeliService Named Leonardo Excellent Service Centre
Leonardo, November 10, 2022 - Leonardo is delivering on its strategy to strengthen the level of support and maintenance services offered to its customer base in Germany and Europe through the appointment of HeliService international GmbH (HeliService) as an Excellent Service Centre.

The ‘Excellent’ ranking is assigned to selected Service Centres focused on maintaining third party fleets with the largest scope of service capabilities, while guaranteeing Leonardo’s customers stringent expectations continue to be met and specific market requirements are considered.

With this appointment, HeliService will be able to deliver the highest level of service for the Leonardo AW109 light twin series, AW169 light intermediate, and AW139 intermediate twin types. These aircraft’s importance and presence in Europe have constantly increased over recent years, with further potential in Germany into the future.

HeliService has been operating AW139s and AW169s for offshore wind farm support missions in the North Sea over the last few years delivering outstanding operational capability and safety standards with ongoing successful expansion in Asia and USA, where three new AW169s will be operated starting from summer 2023.

Vittorio Della Bella, SVP Customer Support & Training Worldwide Services at Leonardo Helicopters, said “We’re delighted to reinforce our partnership with HeliService. With this service capability expansion HeliService will be able to deliver in Germany. The company’s expertise in operating our helicopters in the demanding conditions of maritime and offshore wind farm environments makes HeliService an even stronger supplier of quality support and maintenance to maximise mission effectiveness and safety, combined with the best aircraft and fleet management planning and efficiency.”

This latest step is in line with Leonardo’s focus on stronger support services and customer proximity. With over 110 helicopter service and maintenance centres worldwide to date, Leonardo plans to establish at least one ‘Excellent’ centre in all of its strategic markets. The recent appointment of HeliService raises the number of service centres ranked ‘Excellent’ to six, including four in Europe, one in USA, and one in Japan, in addition to those managed by Leonardo.

Roy Hurrel, Head of Maintenance Munich/ Oberpfaffenhofen, said: “To be only 1 of 6 Leonardo Excellent Service Centres worldwide is a great confirmation of the quality of our work. Being part of this team fills me with pride.”

About HeliService international GmbH : Established in 1987, HeliService delivers rescue service, aviation school, passenger and cargo transports, training for offshore service-personnel, and acts as a maintenance organisation. HeliService has established a core competence in offshore aviation by transporting personnel and cargo to and from wind farms, research and construction vessels as well as transporting injured personnel.

Unique specialties include helicopter hoist operations (HHO) directly onto offshore wind turbines. Flight operations are currently performed from Emden, Bremerhaven, Husum (all Germany) and project based from Esbjerg, Denmark. HeliService’s helicopters will also support wind farm operations from Taiwan and from USA starting in Summer 2023.

HeliService Named Leonardo Excellent Service Centre

Location : DE Emden


Starke Leistung, congrats!
Congratulations to the HeliService team!! Well done!

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