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    Helicopter Training in Chile

    Ecotraining in Santiago, Chile, part of EcoCopter, has a Frasca Flight Training Device (FTD) Level 5+ for Airbus AS350 and EC135 helicopter training. This is the only FTD of its kind in South America


    Helicopter Training in Chile

    EcoCopter, February 15, 2021 - These days, dozens of helicopters fly over the skies of much of Chile and the southern hemisphere to fight multiple forest fires.

    The launch of thousands of cubic meters of water at a certain point, blinding smoke and intense hours of flight are just some of the variables that the pilots must face, which shows the value of expertise and suitable preparation in times of crisis.

    Physical and psychological training for decision-making on board is a great challenge due to the risk involved in performing emergency procedures in a real helicopter.

    To respond to this need, Ecocopter offers the most advanced training center in Latin America: Ecotraining. It is here that pilots from countries throughout South America are intensively trained to understand movements, attitudes, and basic and advanced concepts of the machines that cross the skies.

    “Ecotraining, through its flight simulation devices (FTDs), contributes to solving this challenge using state-of-the-art technology to place the pilot in different scenarios and flight conditions, exercising their ability to react in the face of various situations in which they can face as highly complex failures, maneuvers in confined spaces, flight over cities or populated areas, emergencies with hanging load, landing in difficult areas such as hill slopes, as well as descent to great heights and multiple flight conditions,” says Julio Pérez, flight instructor and head of Ecotraining.

    A flight simulator is a system that tries to reproduce the experience of a pilot commanding an aircraft in the most realistic way possible, presenting an identical copy of the cabin. There, maneuvers that are too dangerous to practiced in a real aircraft can be replicated. In addition, various situations can be practiced, such as tailwinds, engine failure, hydraulic system failure, engine fire, loss of flight controls, and loss of power among many others.

    The simulator allows training in various scenarios created from the use of satellite images and mapped terrain, highlighting training in high altitude flights. This is especially useful for Latin American crews who will be flying in the Andes. “The unit we have is one of the most modern in the world, being the only one that exists in Chile and the region, with this, it also positions us in South America at the forefront in the use of this type of device,” says Julio. Pérez, flight instructor and head of Ecotraining.

    The helicopters that can be simulated are the AS350 and the EC135 series.

    At present, this type of technology has become an invaluable tool for the pilots’ learning and training process. This was confirmed by Washington Cisneros, Ecocopter Ecuador operations manager, who last December was trained in Chile together with five other Ecuadorian pilots for a week.

    “Training is the basis of safe and effective operations, since it allows standardizing procedures in flight activities, and in that sense, we were able to verify that Ecotraining, due to the quality of its training center, contents and above all its instructors of the highest level, it is one of the best globally,” said Cisneros.

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