Inaer Italy flew 575 hours in 2012

Avincis, October 12, 2013 - INAER Aviation Italia is Italy's leading provider of aerial emergency medical services and operating company for the national firefighting fleet.

The company recently took part in a national congress organised by Dolomiti Emergency in Cortina D'Ampezzo, focusing on "The evolution and development of air ambulance services in mountain environments."

The debate, which saw presentations from several leading figures from the air ambulance industry, touched on various topics, from the evolution of the mountain air ambulance service to the invaluable contribution by doctors and health professionals, who discussed the research and clinical practice applied in rescue operations.

During the congress, the new Eurocopter EC-145 T2 was unveiled for the first time in Italy. The helicopter is designed for air ambulance operations and in particular for mountain rescues, thanks to its power, manoeuvrability, as well as its winch, which is housed in the cabin, even in forward flight. INAER Aviation Italia and the Avincis Group, of which INAER is part, are constantly renewing their EMS fleet, and are investing in new technology and helicopters, including Eurocopter EC-145 T2, Agusta AW 169 and Bell 429.

Since 2009, INAER has provided EMS-118 services for the Veneto region, and particularly in the Dolomites. Operating from the Pieve di Cadore base, coordinated by the Belluno SUEM and managed by Dr. Giovanni Cipollotti, the crew uses an AQ-109S I-KORE, in EMS-SAR configuration.

In 2012, INAER crews completed 575 flight hours, carrying out 512 missions, 297 primary, 186 secondary and 29 reconnaissance and training missions. During the 297 primary missions, the winch was used 210 times, and it was used as a hoist a further 10 times."The high number of rescues using the winch and hoist is evidence of the complexity of the operation taking place in a very difficult terrain, which requires a lot of investment and training of the pilots and technicians to improve their knowledge of the rescue sites and rescue techniques,"explained Andrea Stolfa, INAER Aviation Italia CEO.

About INAER: INAER is Italy's leading provider of aerial emergency services, with a fleet of 40 helicopters and 19 Canadair planes. The company operates from 38 bases across the country, with 600 staff divided between headquarters in Colico and Rome.

The rotor wing division is based in Colico, and fixed wing is based at Rome Ciampino. INAER currently operates 31 EMS bases and 4 offshore bases, as well as three fixed bases and various seasonal bases for firefighting activities, employing over 220 pilots and 230 maintenance technicians.

Since 2011, INAER has also been in charge of the State's amphibious firefighting fleet, which was entrusted to the Firefighting Department in May 2013. The contract includes the management and maintenance of 19 Canadair CL-415 aircraft, owned by the Italian public administration. This outsourcing contract is the first of its kind in Europe.

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