INAER forms Spain first all-woman EMS crew

INAER forms Spain first all-woman EMS helicopter crew

Avincis, July 29, 2013 - The Malpartida medical base in Cácares, operated by INAER Spain (INAER) is now the home of Spain's first all-woman medical helicopter crew.

The crew is made up of pilot Beatriz Parera, medic Gloria Palacios and Salobrar Sánchez and Rocio Ramos from the Extramadura Health Service, and uses a Eurocopter EC135.

"The gender of the crew doesn't matter; what matters is the way the crew and the health professionals work together to ensure successful missions, like those we've seen over the past few days," said pilot Beatrix Parera of INAER.

INAER operates a total of 27 medical aircraft in Spain.

In 2012 the company completed 8,228 medical emergency missions and treated 6,658 patients suffering from conditions including trauma, heart attacks, strokes and sepsis, as well as providing neonatal care and transport. INAER is part of the Avincis Group, the world's largest provider of aerial services for mission critical operations.

About INAER: INAER is Spain's leading provider of aerial emergency services and aircraft maintenance, specialising in mission critical services such as medical services, civil defence, mountain and maritime search and rescue, coastal and fishing surveillance, firefighting, training and aircraft maintenance.

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Eurocopter EC135T2+ EC-KQT     ( INAER )

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