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Two Bell 505 Trainers for the Indonesian Navy

The Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) naval aviation received 2 new Bell 505 helicopters for basic pilot training that will replace EC120 Colibri in use since 2002. Additional 2 planned

There are more than 300 Bell 505 helicopters operating in 55 countries across all six continents.

Two Bell 505 Trainers for the Indonesian Navy
Bell, December 09, 2021 - Surabaya, Indonesia – Bell Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. company, announced the successful sale and delivery of two Bell 505 helicopters to the Indonesian Navy.

The newly acquired helicopters will be utilized as basic helicopter trainers.

“The Bell 505, which has surpassed 50,000 flight hours globally, is an excellent aircraft for training pilots to fly today’s modern aircraft with integrated glass flight decks, FADEC controlled engines, and other advanced technologies,” said Jose Jacinto Monge, managing director, Asia Pacific, Bell.

“We are honored that the Indonesian Navy has selected the Bell 505 as its basic helicopter trainer, and we look forward to supporting the training of its next generation of rotorcraft pilots.”

This delivery brings the Indonesian Navy’s Bell fleet to five aircraft, which already includes three Bell 412 helicopters. More than 100 Bell helicopters are operating in the military and commercial segments in Indonesia.

With most training helicopters globally comprising light single helicopters, the Bell 505 is well suited to prepare future military pilots all around the globe to meet the myriad of challenges they will face in their missions.

The Bell 505 is Bell’s newest five-seat aircraft designed for safety, efficiency and reliability. With the latest Garmin avionics and dual channel FADEC-controlled engine, the Bell 505 is the most advanced short light single aircraft on the market.

There are more than 300 Bell 505s operating in 55 countries across all six continents.

TNI-AL Modernization of Helicopter Training

Indonesian Navy, December 8, 2021 - The Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) has modernized the Navy Flight Center Training Helicopter (Puspenerbal) with the handover of two Bell 505 Single Engine Training Helicopters from PT. Atamora Technics Prosperous to the ranks of the Indonesian Navy.

The handover was witnessed by the Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral Yudo Margono, at the Aviation Museum Apron, Juanda, Sidoarjo, East Java, Wednesday (08/12).

The Bell 505 training helicopter developed by Bell Textron Canada was handed over by the Director of PT. Atamora Teknik Makmur, Deritary, through the Head of the Navy Procurement Service (Kadisadal) Admiral TNI Maman Rohman, ST, M.Han. From Kadisadal it was handed over to the Logistics Assistant (Aslog) Kasal Admiral TNI Puguh Santoso, SE, MM, and then handed over to the Commander of Puspenerbal Rear Admiral TNI Edwin, SH, M.Han.

The handing over of these 2 (two) new Bell 505 training helicopters will certainly strengthen the means to produce reliable Indonesian Navy pilots.

Previously, the Indonesian Navy had had Colibri training helicopters since 2002. This handover is history after almost 20 years of the TNI. The Navy has just had another new training aircraft and it is planned that in the near future 2 helicopters will be added which are currently in the process of being worked on.

On this occasion, Kasal said that the Bell-505 training helicopter is the procurement of the Indonesian Navy in 2021, which will then join the Air Squadron 200 Air Wing 2 Puspenerbal. According to him, with the latest generation helicopter from Bell Textron, which is fuel efficient and equipped with a series of sophisticated Avionics, so that it is appropriate to use it in order to support the improvement of the qualifications of pilots and Indonesian Navy pilot students.

"No matter how sophisticated the defense equipment is, crew personnel will still be the determining factor. Moreover, with the principle of Navy weapons, namely manned weapons, the integration between personnel and equipment becomes very important. It is in this context that training aircraft have a central role in fostering the professionalism of Sea Eagle soldiers," said Admiral Yudo Margono.

Kasal further revealed that aircraft as an integral component of the Integrated Fleet Weapon System (SSAT) have a very vital role and function, both as eyes and ears as well as an extension of the Fleet of warships. With advantages in terms of speed and maneuverability, the air element can carry out the tasks of maritime air reconnaissance, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, helicopter-cross landing, support and observation in the context of carrying out effective sea operations.

The role of Naval Aviation as a component of the SSAT has advantages in terms of speed and maneuverability so that it is effective as a patrolling force, supporting force and attacking force, supported by 6 (six) functions, namely maritime air reconnaissance, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface ship, landing gear. helicopter crossings, rapid logistical support and sea observation in the context of conducting sea operations.

Two Bell 505 Trainers for the Indonesian Navy

Location : ID Surabaya

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505 Jet Ranger X in ID tentara nasional indonesia angkatan laut

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