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    NEWS | Fly Blade Inc State of New York

    Helicopter Flights in Los Angeles Area

    BLADE urban air mobility app expands service in Los Angeles which helicopter flights from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), LA Westside, Orange County and Burbank to new Downtown LA rooftop heliport lounge DTLA just steps from hotels such as The NoMad LA, Ritz Carlton LA, The Standard DTLA, as well as the Staples Center. Prices starting at $195/seat


    Helicopter Flights in Los Angeles Area

    BLADE, November 03, 2019 - LOS ANGELES - BLADE Urban Air Mobility, Inc is expanding in the Los Angeles area to include by-the-seat helicopter routes and a new Downtown LA rooftop heliport lounge just steps from hotels such as The NoMad LA, Ritz Carlton LA, The Standard DTLA, as well as the Staples Center.

    This development advances the company's mission of enhancing the reach and affordability of intra-city aviation.

    "Since expanding our continuous flight service in Manhattan and San Francisco, we are seeing faster-than-expected adoption by people choosing to fly rather than drive," says Shivani Parikh, West Coast General Manager of BLADE.

    "Additionally, Los Angeles is on the forefront of embracing multi-modality transportation options such as auto, bike and scooter shares as new ways of saving time. BLADE is now enabling another mobility option—the ability to fly short-distances bypassing ground traffic on the way to work, home, the airport or to key leisure destinations."

    New helicopter routes are between key Los Angeles destinations including Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), BLADE Lounge DTLA, the LA Westside, Orange County and Burbank.

    Additionally, flights to Downtown Los Angeles will be conveniently scheduled for hockey and basketball games, as well as marquee concerts and events at the Staples Center. Starting at $195 per seat, with flight times as short as five minutes, BLADE consistently delivers on the promise of giving fliers fast and affordable alternatives to driving.

    Additionally, as previously announced by BLADE and American Airlines ("American"), fliers who are connecting to or disembarking from a flight operated by American may opt to be escorted between the helicopter and their flight with American's Five Star Service.

    This meet-and-assist program for premium-cabin guests provides a seamless, on-tarmac connection between American and BLADE flights via American's Cadillac service, and is available in both Los Angeles (LAX) and New York (JFK). This service is for an additional fee and may be purchased over the BLADE app by choosing 'American add-on' or on the BLADE website.

    BLADE's LA operations utilizes Airbus H130 helicopters, aircraft with one of the lowest noise and environmental footprints in the helicopter industry. All flights strictly follow Los Angeles noise abatement routes, altitudes and best practices. BLADE is also taking important steps in reducing our carbon footprint, having achieved carbon neutrality for the company in its entirety this past summer.

    "Airbus Helicopters is an investor and partner of BLADE and we are very happy to be partnering on BLADE's expansion with our customers in Los Angeles," said Romain Trapp, President of Airbus Helicopters, Inc. and head of the North America region. "The H130 is the perfect aircraft for this type of mission thanks to its comfort, efficiency and environmental standards, as it's the quietest in its class."

    About BLADE: BLADE is a digitally-powered aviation company and the largest arranger of helicopter flights for civilian travel in the United States. By leveraging its technology platform, strategic lounge network of 10 dedicated properties in four states, and its integrated partnerships with over 30 aviation operators, the company has expanded its offerings from one route in one state to 22 core routes in seven U.S. states.

    BLADE has proven to grow the size of the short distance aviation market in the areas in which it operates. Over 75% of BLADE's first-time helicopter passengers have never flown in a helicopter before flying BLADE.

    One of BLADE's key long-term goals is to make short distance aviation more accessible through quiet, carbon neutral and cost effective aircraft (eVTOL) currently being developed by our investors and partners, which include Airbus, Lockheed Martin and Bell.

    BLADE Urban Air Mobility, Inc. is not a direct air carrier. All flights are operated by DOT/FAA licensed direct air carriers.

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