Australian Aerospace delivers 14th MRH90

Australian Aerospace Continues to Deliver MRH90

Australian Aerospace, December 06, 2011 - The Commonwealth of Australia today accepted the 14th MRH90 (Multi-Role Helicopter) from Australian Aerospace. This latest delivery reflects Australian Aerospace’s commitment to delivering the world’s most advanced multi-role helicopter to the Australian Defence Force.

Yesterday, the Australian Government added the MRH90 Program to the Project of Concern list. Outlining the company’s plan to bring the MRH90 back on-line, Dr Jens Goennemann, Chief Executive Officer Australian Aerospace said, “On 23 November this year, Australian Aerospace and the Commonwealth of Australia signed a Deed of Agreement which represents a remediation plan to overcome the issues and continue helicopter deliveries. Today’s delivery provides the Commonwealth with surety that Australian Aerospace and the Defence Materiel Organisation are making good progress on the MRH90 Program.”

The deed deals with a number of milestones contained within it to remediate identified issues including an engine failure and oil cooler fans. The deed will be reviewed in early 2012 to measure progress. “The unfortunate delays being experienced with the MRH90 are not uncommon when introducing a new, state-of-the-art capability,” said Dr Goennemann.

Capable of carrying 2 pilots, 2 loadmasters and 18 combat troops up to 900km at speeds in excess of 300km/h, the MRH90 is a fly-by-wire, all-composite construction, medium-lift helicopter with the highest crash-worthiness standards. Chosen by Australia over competing types as part of a program to modernise and rationalise its military helicopter fleet, the MRH90 is the world’s most advanced helicopter in the ten-tonne class.

About Australian Aerospace:
With more than 1100 staff in Australia and New Zealand, Australian Aerospace has access to the financial strength and expertise of Eurocopter and the EADS Group.

At its production facility on Brisbane Airport, Australian Aerospace currently is assembling and delivering 22 Tiger ARH armed reconnaissance helicopters to the Australian Army and 46 MRH90 Multi-Role Helicopters to the Army and Navy.

In addition to its helicopter capabilities, Australian Aerospace supports the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) AP-3C Orion reconnaissance aircraft and C-130J Hercules transports. The company is also involved in supporting the RAAF’s new Airbus A330-based Multi-Role Tanker-Transport (MRTT) aircraft and F/A18 (Classic) Hornet fighters.

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