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  • NEWS | Sikorsky S-70A-42 Black Hawk in AT Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte

    Austria to Purchase Nine Black Hawks

    Austria plans to buy 9 Sikorsky S-70A Black Hawk helicopters for utility transport and search and rescue missions

    Sikorsky, October 09, 2000 - STRATFORD, Conn. - The Austrian Ministry of Defence announced plans to buy nine Sikorsky S-70A Black Hawk helicopters for utility transport and search and rescue missions. The selection took place in a region that customarily favors European manufacturers.

    Two aircraft could be available for early delivery, with the remainder completed within 14 to 18 months. There is an add-on option for three additional helicopters. The acquisition would be a direct commercial sale; or which Sikorsky will also provide training and customer service and support.

    "We are pleased to have Austria in our family of international Black Hawk customers," said Sikorsky President Dean C. Borgman. "This was a tough competition, right in the heart of Europe, so winning it has a special significance to us. Austria now has the best helicopter in its class, with our total support commitment. We are looking forward to a long and productive relationship."

    The Black Hawk helicopter can be used for a multitude of military roles, including troop transport, cargo lift, combat search and rescue and medical evacuation. But the S-70A is equally well suited to civil applications, including high altitude personnel evacuations, high altitude cargo supply, fire fighting, and medevac.

    The U.S. Army provided excellent assistance to Austria with 10 Black Hawk aircraft during Tyrolean valley avalanche crisis in the winter of 1998-99, airlifting hundreds of people to safety. Carrying up to 25 survivors at a time, the Black Hawks landed in a swirl of snow on a blocked off section of the Austrian autobahn. Food and supplies were loaded for return flights.

    Black Hawk helicopter variants, including naval derivatives, are serving, or are on order, with 25 international customers Ð Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, People's Republic of China, Spain, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.

    Sikorsky has delivered more than 2,600 Hawk family helicopters since 1978. The aircraft have logged more than five million flying hours in total, and they have proved their versatility and survivability with the U.S. Army during combat in Grenada, Panama, the liberation of Kuwait, Operation Restore Hope in Somalia and in numerous humanitarian and rescue missions, including current operations in the Balkans.

    Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, based in Stratford, Conn., is a world leader in helicopter design, manufacturing and service. Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, of Hartford, Conn., which provides a broad range of high-technology products and support services to the aerospace and building systems industries.

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    Sikorsky S-70A-42 Black Hawk in AT Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte

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