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    NEWS | Uber State of California

    Uber Copter Launched in New York City

    Uber Copter offers 8 minutes trip from Manhattan to JFK airport for $200


    Uber Copter Launched in New York City

    Helis, July 09, 2019 - Uber announced it is launching a helicopter service in New York City for speedy trips to the airport.

    Uber Copter will be offered in Manhattan south of Houston Street to JFK International Airport between 7am to 7pm weekdays and from 2pm to 7pm on Sundays.

    One-way tickets for the 8 minute trip will cost about $200 with passengers only allowed for one carry-on 40 lbs/ 18 kgs bag.

    Uber Copter will offer limited helicopter schedule with the number of trips determined by demand and only Uber customers with the highest status level in its reward program (platinum and diamond) will be eligible for the trips.

    For the future, Uber envisions replacing these helicopter trips with new autonomous electric flying cars expecting to make transportation faster and safer.

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