new zealand International Naval Review: RNZN 75th Anniversary


17-nov-16    to    21-nov-16

King George VI granted the title Royal New Zealand Navy to the regular elements of the fleet in 1941.

The RNZN had been planning its 75th Anniversary celebrations for c 3 years, to culminate in an International Fleet Review in Auckland Harbour on 19 Nov 2016. As the fleet was assembling for pre-review exercises, many of those with highly capable helicopter fights were diverted by their governments to assist the NZ Defence Force and NZ Civil Authorities in the aftermath of an M7.8 earthquake on the South Island and were unable to participate.

Those which were not diverted are shown here.

Ships were open to visitors alongside in Auckland on 20 Nov before they dispersed on 22 Nov. Those ships involved in Earthquake Relief were recalled on 19 Nov and visited Wellington, then Auckland briefly on 23 Nov, prior to resuming their planned deployments.


Royal New Zealand Navy 75th Celebrations, 18-Oct-16 : At least 15 countries will participate in the International Naval Review next month in Auckland to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN)

Mitsubishi SH-60K Seahawk

19nov16 pictured (pic2) in Auckland Harbour as 21-8432/32 aboard JDS Takanami (DD 110) during Fleet Review

JP Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Harbin Z-9

19nov16 pictured (pic2) in Auckland Harbour aboard PLANS Yancheng (546) during Fleet Review

CN People's Liberation Army Navy
HAL chetak

19nov16 pictured aboard INS Sumitra (P59) giving salute to Governor General of New Zealand (aboard HMNZS Otago) during Fleet Review

IN Bharatiya Nau Sena


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Destroyer  Takanami class   Japanese Navy DD 110 JDS Takanami,
Guided-Missile Frigate  Incheon class   Republic of Korea Navy FFG 816 ROKS Chungbuk,
Frigate  Anzac class   Royal New Zealand Navy F111 HMNZS Te Mana,
Frigate  type 054A Jiangkai II class   中國人民解放軍海軍 546 PLAN Yancheng,
Corvette  Saryu class   Indian Navy P59 INS Sumitra,
Corvette  Protector OPV class   Royal New Zealand Navy P148 HMNZS Otago, Royal New Zealand Navy P55 HMNZS Wellington,
Landing Ship/Platform Dock  Endurance class   Singapore Navy 208 RSS Resolution,
Landing Ship/Platform Dock  Makassar class   indonesian navy 593 KRI Banda Aceh,

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