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Established 1982, Airlift Northwest is the University of Washington School of Medicine (UW) and Harborview Medical Center air medical service serving the Pacific Northwest ( Washington, Idaho, Montana ) and Alaska. Operated by Air Methods


Ambulance Air Service in Bremerton, 12-Mar-18 : Airlift Northwest relocated its A109 air ambulance helicopter base in the State of Washington from Boeing Field in Seattle to the Bremerton National Airport

Airlift Northwest Adds Helicopter to Yakima Base, 21-Mar-16 : Airlift Northwest announces the expansion of its services in Eastern Washington with a new helicopter to its Yakima base at McAllister Field.

Model Types

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  EC EC1352007
  AW AW109E Power2005

List of Aircraft

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EC135T2+ 0655 2008N139AM : Airlift Northwest by Jul17, op by Air Methods
A109A-II 7262 1985N1PJ : Airlift Northwest unk
A109A-II 7273 1985N1VH : Airlift Northwest; ex N109AZ
EC135T2+ 0548 2007N235UW : Airlift Northwest, op by Air Methods; Jul17 pictured
A109A-II 7277 1984N2MF : Airlift Northwest; to C-FFQQ
A109A-II 7299 1984N655GS : Airlift Northwest; ex JA9677; w/o 29sep05 impact the water on rou ...
AW109E Power 11628 N950AL : Airlift Northwest from Jul07; w/o 28oct05 Providence, WA
AW109E Power 11632 2005N951AL : University Of Washington Dba Airlift Northwest at Seattle, WA fro ...
: 18jul19 as /Airlift 2, out of Bremerton pictured (pic2) over Puge ...
EC135T2+ 0627 2007N952AL : Airlift Northwest
: pictured at St. Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham, WA.
: Aug19 based in Bellingham, WA
EC135T2+ 0686 2008N953AL : BB&T Equipment Finance Corp at Charlotte, NC from Jan09; Airlift ...
EC135T2+ 0694 2008N954AL : Airlift Northwest by 2011, pictured
: at Harborview Medical Center Hospital, Seattle
: based in Arlington, WA, about 40 miles north of Seattle; She is ...

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