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    Founded in 2011 performs heliborne operations for customers in France and abroad. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RTE ( Réseau de Transport d Électricité, Electricity Transmission Network ) a public utility company that operates France electrical power grid, tasked with operating, maintaining and developing the high and very high-voltage power network


    H125 in the Wake of Storm Alex, 18-Feb-21 : #StormAlex Last October, Storm Alex hit Nice, France countryside. More than 30 public and private helicopters came to the rescue. Between them were the H125 from Helicoptères de France (HDF) and RTE

    Engine Inlet Barrier Filter for the H225, 05-Mar-19 : Heli-Expo 2019 Aerometals from Sacramento, California in the development and certification of an engine inlet barrier filter (IBF) system for the H225/EC225LP helicopter. Testing with Airtelis later this year

    Airtelis Orders Three H215 for Power Lines Support, 04-Oct-17 : Helitech 2017 Airtelis, owned by French RTE (Electricity Transmission Network) ordered 3 H215 plus 2 options to support power line construction and maintenance missions. First aircraft to be delivered next month

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    Model Types

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      AH H215 / AS332C1e / AS332L1e2017
      AH H125 / AS350B3e Ecureuil2016
      AH H135 / EC135T32015
      EC EC225LP 2011
      EC AS350 Ecureuil2011

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