germany Böhm Stirling-Technik e.K.

Founded by Hermann Böhm in mid-80s, they produce precision parts for industrial application. Scale 1:24 Aluminium Helikopter Models include a stirling Engine as Manager Toys for desk with low RPM. More information at

They also restore withdrawn from use helicopters so they can be preserved in museums.

Model Types

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  Dornier UH-1D2012

List of Aircraft

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Lynx HAS2 067 1978- : Boehm stirling Technik e.K. from 28mar17; pictured (pic2) arrivin ...
UH-1D 8179 71+19 : Bohm Stirling-Technik e.K., ex Luftwaffe 71+19; May12 picture on ...
: Feb15 pictured (bot) restored
UH-1D 8419 196972+99 : Bohm Stirling-Technik e.K., ex HEER 72+99; Jan10 in storage at ...
: 28aug13 pictured (middle bot) after restoration
: 08nov13 pictured (bot) with new paint at Neustadt Aisch
UH-1D 8494 73+74 : Bohm Stirling-Technik e.K., ex HEER 73+74, tail only; May12 pictu ...
Bo105P PAH-1 6103 87+03 : 10jan14 pictured (top) at Neustadt Aisch soon to be repainted
: Jun14 pictured (bot) with new painting as Sweeden Army Armen
Bo105P PAH-1 6157 87+57 : 10jan14 pictured at Neustadt Aisch. To begin restoration
Bo105P PAH-1 6180 87+80 : Bohm Stirling-Technik e.K., ex HEER 87+80; 07dec12 pictured (top) ...
: Oct14 pictured (bot) in restoration work
Bo105P PAH-1 6184 87+84 : 2012 pictured (top ) being rebuilt
: 10jan14 pictured (middle and bot) after restoration at Neustadt A ...
UH-1D 8336 1968D-HAQO : Aug11 pictured (bot) at Oldenburg during the München 72 - Das At ...
UH-1D 8065 1970D-HATO : Aug11 used during München 72 - Das Attentat movie
R22 Beta 2185 1992D-HBXL : Bohm 1998-2002, 700 hrs flown including 4 tours to northcape Norw ...
: 2000 pictured (middle) on Bretagne, France; 2002 pictured (bot) ...

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