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BIH was created in 1986 when British Airways Helicopters was privatisated.
In 1994 was bought by CHC and renamed Brintel Helicopters remaining the S-61 operating at Penzance Heliport.

In 1999 took control of Danish Maersk Air operations

The company has operated the Royal Navy Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) programme and also supported the British forces in the Falklands/Malvinas islands surrounding areas

On May 2013 was acquired by Patriot Aerospace, part of The Rigby Group and owner of Veritair


AW189 Starts SAR for UK MoD in South Atlantic, 01-Apr-16 : AW189 and S-61N from AAR, BIH and Air Rescue Systems (ARS) commenced Search and Rescue (SAR) and Support Helicopter (SH) services to the British Forces South Atlantic Islands (BFSAI) operations.

AAR 10-year SAR contract in Falklands/Malvinas, 19-Jan-15 : AAR Corp and BIH gets 10-year UK Ministry of Defence Search and Rescue and Support contract for the Falkland/Malvinas Islands with AW189 and S-61 helicopters from April 2016 valued $275 million

Model Types

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  AW AW1892016
  SNIA AS332 Super Puma19831989
  Sikorsky S-61 H-3171965

List of Aircraft

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S-61N 61-269 1965G-ATBJ : BHI 12Mar65-Jan93
: 04jun72 pictured at North Denes airfield (NDA) Great Yarmouth, No ...
: 26aug98 heavy landing at Aberdeen, after one of the tail rotor co ...
: BIH from May02; Dec04 at Penzance Heliport
: Jul16 in the Falkland Islands with Brintel. Working under contrac ...
: unk. Crash landed at Marchwood docks, Southampton; Farnborough w ...
S-61N Mk.II 61-270 1965G-ATFM : BIH 1986-1993
: Newquay Helicopters Ltd (BIH) May04-Jul13
: 11nov12 pictured at Falklands/Malvinas under MoD contract
: BIH from Jul13
: May17 undergoing maintenance at Newquay
S-61N 61-216 1963G-AWFX : BIH 1986-May88, to Canada as unk
S-61N 61-143 1962G-AYOM : BIH from Aug85-Jan93
S-61N Mk.II 61-476 1970G-AYOY : BIH Jul85-Jan93; 05nov90 during an inspection starboard aft tran ...
: BIH May04-Sep11
S-61N Mk.II 61-711 1973G-BBUD : BIH 1986-Jun93
S-61N Mk.II 61-721 1974G-BCEA : BIH Jun74-Jan93
: Registered 7 Jun 1974. Suffered repeated hammering vibrations fro ...
: Bristih International May04-Nov11
S-61L 61-454 1972G-BCEB : BIH Oct74-Jan93
: BIH May00-Mar13
: Aug03 seen flying from Penzance
: Normally based in Penzance. At Plymouth December 2004. Was origin ...
: 06aug07 pictured (bot) at Penzance Heliport
: Sep12 has not been at Penzance for aprox two years company now pu ...
S-61N Mk.II 61-755 1976G-BDKI : BIH Mar91-Feb93
S-61N Mk.II 61-754 1976G-BEDI : BIH Mar90-Feb93
S-61N 61-222 1964G-BEIC : BIH Dec76-Jan93
S-61N Mk.II 61-769 1977G-BEWL : BIH from 1986 (inherits BAH) w/o 25jul90 crash helideck Brent Spa ...
S-61N Mk.II 61-772 1977G-BEWM : BIH 1986-Jan93
: 08sep87 at Schipol Amsterdam in basic British International liver ...
S-61N Mk.II 61-777 1978G-BFFJ : BIH 1986-1993; 11may89 involved in a ground accident at Sumburgh ...
: BIH May00-Jul13: Aug09 pictured (top) at Penzance
: 27aug09 at Dunsfold as USMC VH-3 for movie The Special Relatio ...
: 16apr10 pictured (bot) off the coast of Scotland on USS Laboon (D ...
: Sep12 will no loger be flying fro Penzance, company pulling out
S-61N Mk.II 61-778 1978
G-BFFK : BIH 1986-Jan93; Jan93-May94 c/o Brintel
S-61N Mk.II 61-809 1978G-BFRI : British International Helicopters Aug06
: used for personnel ferrying in JW14-2 during Oct 2014
: 06apr15 pictured (top) on USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) during FOST tr ...
: provided logistic support for JW15-1 from Stornoway during Apr 20 ...
: 13oct15 pictured (bot) on HMCS Halifax (FFH 330) off the coast of ...
S-61N Mk.II 61-825 1980G-BHOG : BIH Aug06-Sep11
S-76A 76-0110 1980G-BIAV : BIH Nov80-Sep92
S-76A 76-0111 1980G-BIAW : BIH Nov80-Sep92
234LR MJ-005 1981G-BISN : BIH 1986-Apr89
30-100 002 1982G-BKGD : BIH Apr89-Feb93
AS332L Super Puma 2102 1983G-BKZE : BIH Sep83-Jan93
AS332L Super Puma 2106 1983G-BKZG : BIH 1983-1993
AS332L Super Puma 2107 1983G-BKZH : BIH Sep83-Jan93
AS332L Super Puma 2123 1984G-BLZJ : BIH Jul88-Jan89, rtn to LN-OMI
AS332L Super Puma 2179 1988G-BOZK : BIH Aug88-Jan93, ex F-GINN ntu
AS332L1 Super Puma 2351 1991G-BTNZ : BIH 1991-1993
AS365N2 Dauphin 2 6423 1991G-CHCR : BIH Jun11-Oct13; ZJ786
AS350B3 Ecureuil 3587 2002G-ERKN : Jet Helicopters from Sep13, op by BIH (Onshore) Ltd
AW189 89004 2015G-FSAR : BIH from Dec15; lsd AAR for Falklands/Malvinas SAR
30 010 1983G-KATE : BIH Apr89-Jun92; wfu
AW189 89003 2015G-SAAR : BIH from Nov15; lsd AAR for Falklands/Malvinas SAR
S-61N Mk.II 61-824 1980G-VIPZ : BIH May06-Jun09
: Dec08 flew on this to Tresco Island, Isles of Scilly. After that, ...

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