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Equatorial Guinea Received Two New Mi-172

Equatorial Guinea Received Two New Mi-172

08-Nov-18 - Equatorial Guinea received two new Kazan Mi-172 helicopters, one in Salon VIP configuration and the other as a 26-seats transport #Mi172

List of Aircraft

Model C/N Built ID
AW139 31266 3C-LLR : Equatorial Guinea from Jan10
Mi-17 Hip-H 108M06 3C-QSD : Equatorial Guinea, ex 0806, to to N8065R
Mi-17 Hip-H 108M01 3C-QSE : Equatorial Guinea, ex 0801, to N25299
Mi-17 Hip-H 108M10 3C-QSF : Equatorial Guinea, ex 0810, to N80652
Mi-17 Hip-H 108M04 3C-QSG : Equatorial Guinea, ex 0804, to N25277
Mi-17 Hip-H 108M15 3C-QSH : Equatorial Guinea, ex 0815, to N25308
Mi-17 Hip-H 108M13 3C-QSI : Equatorial Guinea, ex 0813, to N8066L
S-92A VVIP 92-0071 20073C-RGE : Equatorial Guinea National Guard from Feb09

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