usa Geo-Seis Helicopters

Established 1982, based at Fort Collins, CO.

In 1999 awarded historic contract to operate SA330 Puma helicopters from US Navy logistics ships

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US Navy MSC awards SA.330 Puma historic contract, 23-Nov-99 : The U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command awarded a historic $20.3 million three-year fixed price contract with an additional $10.9 million two-year option to Geo-Seis Helicopters, Inc. The Fort Collins, Col., company will operate two SA-330J Puma helicopters aboard three MSC combat stores ships on a rotating basis beginning in January 2000. The commercial helos will deploy aboard the ships in place of the Navy helicopter units normally assigned to the ships.

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SA330J Puma 1514 1978N330JF : Geo-Seis
SA330J Puma 1475 1977N405R : Geo-Seis 2002
SA330J Puma 1478 1977N505R : Geo-Seis

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