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AW139 Simulator for Turkmenistan

AW139 Simulator for Turkmenistan

23-Nov-22 - Spanish Company Entrol to provide a new Entrol H39 FNPT II MCC for Turkmenistan Airlines at Ashgabat in 2023 #Turkmenistan
Ansat an Mi-17-1V Ambulances for Turkmenistan

Ansat an Mi-17-1V Ambulances for Turkmenistan

11-Apr-21 - Russian Helicopters delivered to Turkmenistan their first Ansat and an Mi-17-1V helicopters in air ambulance configuration for medical evacuations #medical

Turkmenistan Purchases Two VIP S-92 Helicopters

18-Jul-04 - FARNBOROUGH, United Kingdom - Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. today announced that it has sold two S-92 helicopters to Turkmenistan for presidential transport. The helicopters will be delivered in the 2005-2006 timeframe.

helicopter   Model Types

AW AW1392011
Sikorsky S-92 22006

List of Aircraft

Model C/N Built ID
AW139 31350 : Turkmenistan from May11
AW139 31346 12 blue : Turkmenistan from May11
: as /BHL84B at Norwich, UK
AW139 31351 EZ-P716 : Turkmenistan from Jun11
S-92A VVIP 92-0017 2005EZ-S720 : Govt of Turkmenistan from 2006
: at London Stansted, UK
: pictured departing Norwich after a fuel stop
: around 4pm seen over Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England
: at Stansted , England
: 16:00 hs seen over Hahn Airport, Germany
: at Cambridge, UK
: in Poland
: seen over Essex, UK
: flying from Britain over Belgium and the Netherlands further east
: Heading West toward Portsmouth at Bognor Regis, UK
: 11:05 hs flew north over Chelmsford, Essex towards Stansted. Flig ...
: Flying over Leuven, Belgium towards Germany
: Technical staff was performing some maintenance
S-92A VVIP 92-0026 2005EZ-S721 : Govt of Turkmenistan from 2006

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