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R44 0776 2000G-BZIN : Helicentre Ltd Jun00-Feb06; Feb/Apr 2006
R44 Raven II 10624 2005G-CDXX : Emsway Developments Apr05-Mar12; Nedroc Aviation Services Mar12-A ...
: Helicentre Aviation from Apr15; w/o 15jun15 Leicester airport, St ...
Cabri G2 1035 2011G-CHAG : Helicentre Aviation, lsd; rtn to Cotswold Helicopter Centre
Cabri G2 1091 2015G-CPLH : Helicentre Aviation Ltd from Feb15
: 07oct15 pictured at London Helitech 2015
Cabri G2 1137 2016G-DGRE : Helicentre Aviation from Mar16
Cabri G2 1131 G-FICH : Helicentre Aviation from Feb16
Cabri G2 1079 2014G-HCEN : Helicentre Aviation Ltd from Oct14
R44 Raven II 12356 2008G-LINY : ex HB-ZWO; Sep 2017 reg G-LINY to Helicentre Aviation
R44 Raven II 11911 2007G-LINZ : Helicentre Aviation from Aug15
R44 Clipper II 11609 2007G-NESH : private Feb07-Nov16
: Helicentre Aviation from Nov16
R44 Raven II 11963 2007G-RBRI : private Dec14-Nov16
: Helicentre Aviation from Nov16
R22 Beta 0937 1988G-TINK : Helicentre Liverpool Ltd Mar05-Dec09
: Airtask Group Ltd Feb11-Jun15
: Cambridge/Aeromega Helicopters from Jun15
Cabri G2 1175 2016G-TOOO : Helicentre Aviation Ltd from Nov16
: 26feb17 at Leicester Airport (Stoughton Aerodrome)

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