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helistar colombia

Established 1999 as Aeroregional. From 2005 is known Helistar


Helistar Colombia Signed for AW189 and Third AW139, 27-Apr-15 : Helistar de Aviacion of Colombia will received in 2016 their third AW139 and one AW189 for offshore transport missions in support of the oil and gas industry.

Helistar Colombia Two AW139 Financial Support, 10-Apr-15 : Ex-Im Bank of the United States approved a $22.4M loan to finance the export of U.S.-made AW139 helicopters to North Pole Investments in Panama for use in Colombia offshore oil and gas industry

Two Offshore AW139 for HeliStar Colombia, 07-Nov-14 : Helistar de Aviacion of Colombia has signed for two AW139 intermediate twin helicopters marking the entrance of the type in the Latin American country.

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Model Types

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  AW AW1892016
  AW AW1392015
  EC EC1452007
  Bell 4122007
  Bell 2122005
  Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen)1999

List of Aircraft

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Mi-8MTV-1 95586 HK-3731 : Helistar
212 30847 HK-3742 : Helistar from Feb09
Mi-8MTV-1 96016 HK-3898 : Helistar
: Jan16 at Caguan, Caqueta Department, Colombia
212 31143 HK-4025 : Helistar from Aug10
412EP 36437 2007HK-4516 : Helistar 2007
412EP 36471 2008HK-4556 : Helistar
Mi-171E 2409 2006HK-4574 : c/n 171E 00 06 440 2409U / 171E00064402409U; Helistar 2009
Mi-171E 2408 2013HK-4575 : c/n 171E 00 064 40 2408U / 064402408; Helistar
: w/o 13jan13 tail rotor failure during post-maintenance flight at ...
EC145 9194 HK-4624 : Helistar
EC145 9324 HK-4722 : Helistar
Mi-171E 2407 HK-4770 : Helistar; w/o 07oct13 landed in a mine field at Orito, Putumayo
EC145 9406 HK-4778 : Helistar, test serial D-HMBE
EC145 9414 2011HK-4819 : Helistar Colombia, Mexico ntu
EC145 9512 2012HK-4841 : Helistar, Colombia, test serial D-HADM
412EP 36594 2012HK-4842 : Helistar from Nov12
EC145 9520 HK-4847 : Helistar, test serial D-HADN
EC145 9572 2012HK-4934 : Helistar, test serial D-HADA
EC145 9567 HK-4962 : Helistar
EC145 9600 HK-4997 : Helistar, test serial D-HADL
212 31219 1982HK-5047 : Helistar as of Jun15
Mi-8AMT 4258 HK-5081 : Helistar, Colombia by Jun17
AW139 41394 HK-5132 : Helistar from May15
AW139 41396 HK-5133 : Helistar from May15
AW139 31100 2007HK-5174 : to be confirmed
AW139 41508 HK-5180 : Helistar from Apr16

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