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900-Gallon Tank for Commercial Black Hawk Firefighter, 07-Sep-19 : #BlackHawk Simplex Aerospace Model 370i 900-gallon internal tank system granted certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the Timberline Helicopters commercial Black Hawk

UH-60 Beam Modification Kit Certification, 08-Aug-19 : #Beam Timberline Aerospace received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for the 34.5 beam modification kit for the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter

Air Idaho Rescue New Base at Salmon, 04-Aug-19 : #ambulance Air Idaho Rescue, operated by Air Methods, opened a new air medical services base at the Airport in Salmon, Idaho to provided lifesaving care in emergency situations

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List of Helicopter Operators

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
  Security Forces
    Shoshone County Sheriffs Office? --
    Idaho Helicopters? --
    Timberline HelicoptersTHI? --
    Air Idaho Rescue? --
    Air St. Luke’s Air Saint Luke? --
    Portneuf Health Portneuf Air RescuePMC? --

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   Idaho Falls RegionalAir Idaho Rescue
   Portneuf Medical Center HeliportPMC
   SalmonAir Idaho Rescue 2019/   
   Soda SpringsAir Idaho Rescue
   St Luke Boise HospitalAir St. Luke’s

List of Aircraft

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407 54038 2010N160AM : Air Idaho Rescue /Air1 2012-2016, op by Air Methods, pictured
204B 2058 1967N204SB : Idaho Helicopters Sep89-Aug98
205A-1 30152 N205CK : Alvac Inc at Boise, ID Mar08-Jan16; Idaho Helicopters ?
205A-1 30282 N205DY : Idaho Helicopters from Oct07; Jul19 still
205A-1 30162 N205JL : Alvac Inc at Boise, Indiana from Jan08; Idaho Helicopters ?
205A-1 30213 N205LM : Alvac Inc at Boise, ID from Jan09; Idaho Helicopters ? Sep19 sti ...
UH-60A Black Hawk 0091 1980N274TH : Timberline Helicopters at Sandpoint, ID from Oct17; pictured (pic ...
: pictured (pic2) refuelling at Albury Airport
UH-60A Black Hawk 0103 1979N286TH : Timberline Helicopters at Sandpoint, ID Dec16-Jan17
AS350B3 Ecureuil 4236 2007N350MV : Air Idaho Rescue; as /Air4 at new base in Salmon
AS350B3 Ecureuil 4644 2009N355CF : Air Idaho Rescue; pictured in ferry stop at Barrett Hospital an ...
407GXP 54592 2015N377SL : ALVAC Inc at Boise, ID Aug15-Jul17 Air St Luke
407 53011 1996N407CH : Aug18 as /Classic3 for Portneuf Air Rescue
429 57014 2010N428SL : Alvac Inc at Boise, Idaho 2011-2018?, pictured (pic1); Air St Luk ...
N429CH : Portneuf Air Rescue from May18, op by Classic Air Medical
: pictured (pic2) at Portneuf Medical Center
: 22dic19 at Pocatello, ID
429 57007 2010N429SL : ALVAC Inc at Boise, ID from Apr11
: Apr19 Air St Luke pictured
430 49025 1997N430SL : Alvac Inc at Boise, ID 2005-2015; Air St Luke, pictured; Apr10 vi ...
430 49023 N431SL : Alvac Inc at Boise, ID Apr06-Sep16; Air St Luke
UH-60A Black Hawk 0192 N434TH : N540UT ntu?; Timberline Helicopters at Sandpoint, ID from Feb15;
: 17:15 hs at JFK Memorial Airport, Ashland WI
AS350B3 Ecureuil 4497 2008N4497Y : Trevor Corp at Grayslake, IL Nov08-Sep11
: Air Methods from Sep11
: Air Idaho Rescue; May17 pictured
MD530F 0600FF 1996N530TH : Timberline Helicopters Inc at Sandpoint, ID
UH-12E Raven 5044 N544HA : Idaho Helicopters Jun79-Nov82; canc
UH-60A Black Hawk 0284 N563DJ : Timberline Helicopters at Sandpoint, ID from Dec16
: at Moorabbin, Vic, Australia
: pictured (pic1) at Wagga Wagga Airport
: 10dec19 17:08 hs working the Green wattle Creek Fire at Oakdale, ...
: pictured (pic2) at HMAS Albatross as Helitak 260
AS350B3 Ecureuil 4613 2008N574AM : Air Idaho Rescue, op by Air Methods; as /Air5 pictured (pic2) at ...
UH-60A Black Hawk 0342 N620TJ : Timberline Helicopters at Sandpoint, ID from Dec16
: 27dic19 13:30 hs on fire duty extinguishing fires at nearby Broga ...
K-MAX A94-0035 2002N674TH : Timberline Helicopters at Sandpoint, ID 20Jun06
K-MAX A94-0025 1998N675TH : Timberline Helicopters Inc Oct08
UH-60A Black Hawk 0507 N684UH : Timberline Helicopters Inc at Sandpoint, ID from Feb20
429 57305 2016N753SL : ALVAC Inc at Boise, Idaho from Jan17
: Air St Luke pictured at new painted St Luke heliport
429 57307 2016N755SL : ES 156213 Lc at Boise, ID Jan17; Alvac 407 Llc at Boide ID from ...
505 Jet Ranger X 65129 N853RB : Alvac 407 Llc at Boise, ID Sep18-2019, test serial C-GLZH Idaho H ...
369D / 500D 0160D N8620F : Timberline Helicopters at Sandpoint, ID from Jan19
MD900 Explorer 900/00027 1995N902SL : ALVAC Inc at Boise, Idaho from Aug96 (?); Air St Luke
: 29nov98 take-off accident near Boise, ID
: Air St Luke pictured at St. Luke's Regional Medical Center, Bois ...
: Jan18 for sale $900.000
H125 / AS350B3e Ecureuil 8536 2018N914SM : Air Idaho Rescue from Jul19, op by Air Methods; 02aug19 as /Air1 ...
AW109E Power 11509 2002N91LF : Portneuf Medical Center at Pocatello, ID Dec03-Mar18

33 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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